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New or Recently Revised ANR Publications

Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations
Chemical Control of Weeds in Kentucky Farm Crops
AGR-50 Lawn Establishment in Kentucky
AGR-55 Turf Care Calendar for Cool-Season Lawns in Kentucky
AGR-175 Forage Identification and Use Guide
Determining Soil Texture by Feel
Herbicide Recommendations for Weed Control in Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue Lawns for Professional Applicators
AGR-219 Practicing Good Stewardship When Applying Herbicides for Pasture Weed Control
AGR-220 A No-math Method of Calibrating Backpack Sprayers and Lawn Care Spray Guns

Wildlife Benefits of Switchgrass Production in Kentucky

AGR-222 Estimating Carrying Capacity of Cool Season Pastures in Kentucky Using Web Soil Survey
AGR-223 Identifying Soybean Growth Stages
AGR-224 Identifying Wheat Growth Stages
AEC-100 Post-Harvest Management: The Economics of Grain Transportation
AEN-127 Hydrologic Modeling
AEN-128 Sediment Fingerprinting
AEN-129 Measuring Discharge in Wadeable Streams
AEN-130 Drought Risk Management for Beef Cattle Farms
AEN-131 Farmstead Planning: Old Farm Buildings Repurposed for Better Farming: How to Develop a Complex
AEN-132 Modeling Best Management Practices

Help! My Horse Roars! What Is Laryngeal Hemiplegia?

ASC-227 Understanding the Risks of Foodborne Illness and Ways to Reduce Them
Insect Control on Beef Cattle
Insect Control on Dairy Cattle
Insecticide Recommendations for Soybeans
Insecticide Recommendations for Tobacco Beds and fields
Insecticide Recommendations for Corn
Insecticide Recommendations for Alfalfa, Clover and Pastures
Insecticide Control on Sheep and Goats
Insecticide Control on Swine
Insecticide Recommendations for Grain Sorghum
Insecticide Control on Poultry
Insecticide Recommendations for Small Grains
Insecticide Recommendations for Popcorn
Entfact 513
Insecticide Control for Horses, Horse Barns and Stables
FOR-122 How to Select and Buck Logs for Railroad Ties
FOR-129 Black Vulture Damage Control
HO-113 Planting Bareroot Trees and Shrubs in Your Landscape
HO-114 Planting Container-Grown Trees and Shrubs in Your Landscape
Home Vegetable Gardening
Kentucky & Tennessee Tobacco Production Guide
Equine Initiative Calendar
ID-211 Kentucky Nutrient Management Planning Guidelines (KyNMP)
ID-224 Producer's Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing
ID-225 Organic Corn Production in Kentucky
ID-226 Forage-Related Cattle Disorders: Hypomagnesemic Tetany or "Grass Tetany"
ID-227 An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems of Legume Vegetables in Kentucky
ID-228 Aquatic Macroinvertebrates: Biological Indicators of Stream Health
ID-234 Grain Sorghum (Milo) Production in Kentucky
ID-235 An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems of High Tunnel and Greenhouse Vegetable Crops in Kentucky
ID-236 Providing Water for Beef Cattle in Rotational Grazing Systems
ID-237 Soil Percolation: A Key to Survival of Landscape Plants
ID-239 Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Is My Horse Just Fat, or Is He Sick?
IP-78 Understanding the Different Produce Safety Programs and Making a Food Safety Plan
LA-1 Beyond a Path 1: Trails as Resource Connections in Your Community
LA-2 Beyond a Path 2: Trail Planning
LA-3 Trailblazers: Two Case Studies for Community Trails
Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases
PPA-41 Fundamental Principles of Plant Pathology for Agricultural Producers
PPA-47 Genetically Engineered Crops: Emerging Opportunities
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