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How to set up a conference on Lync using Outlook
"Warning: This may not work in county offices"

Once you install Lync it integrates with your Outlook calendar and places a new tool bar in Outlook.  To set up a conference call in Lync using Outlook using Outlook for your calendar, look for the tool bar with the Lync icon.  If you don’t see the tool bar, right click in the tool bar area and see if Online Meeting is checked.  If not, check it.  If not listed you may have to turn Outlook off and reinstall Lync.  (Please note warning above)

Once you have Online Meeting in your tool bar it should look similar to the first picture in Office 2007 or like picture 2 in Office 2010.  Click on the on the Online Meeting icon to initiate your meeting.  An email will pop up with the following in the text:

Join online meeting


Join by Phone

+1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx     

Find a local number


Conference ID: XXXXXXXX   (note this may vary)

 Forgot your dial-in PIN? |  First online meeting?

You will notice a few differences between this email and a normal email.  First there is no cc line only a  field where you enter the emails of those you wish to invite to join the conference, a subject area, a location area which can be “Online” or “Your Own Office or Computer” or whatever you choose and a start and end time for the conference.  Once you fill all of these in with the appropriate information, click send and you are done. 

Those receiving the invitation should click on accept if they intend to join the conference so that Outlook will place the conference notation with the message above in their Outlook calendar.  Otherwise they will have to locate your email and click on the Join Online Meeting when the time comes.  If it is added to the calendar, they can bring up the calendar entry by double clicking the notation and either click on  or click on “Join Online Meeting” in the message.  Note:  Participants may join the conference by phone by calling the number and entering the code when prompted.

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