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UKAg Equine Program
Your First Horse

"First Time" Horse Ownership: Selecting Horses and Budgeting Horse Interests
Oklahoma State University Extension

Horse Industry Handbook
website to order, Chapter-Should I buy a Horse?

Horse Owner Survival, Horse Ownership Considerations, Costs of Horse Ownership

Own Responsibly – Guidance for current and potential owners
booklet, The Unwanted Horse Coalition

Selecting the Right Horse

So You Want to Own a Horse?
The Kentucky Horse Council

Tips on Buying Your First Horse

Evaluation & Selection
Buying Your First Horse

Daily Care and Management
Cutting the Cost of Horse Ownership in Tough Financial Times

Youth Educational Units: Economics of Owning a Horse
Kentucky Equine Education
Project, KEEP

Appropriate Horse for an Individual

Equine Field Day: Spindletop Farm
- Photo by Jimmy Henning

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