University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Plan of Work 2016-19 (Strategic Iniatives)
Grain Crops Logic Model Grain Crops Evaluation Tools
Grain Crops Evaluation Tools revised
Beef Logic Model Evaluation Tools
Forage Livestock Logic Model  
Local Foods
Local Food Systems for Consumers, Restaurants and Institutions (including Schools) Logic Model Local Foods Systems for producers Logic Model
Local Foods Strategic Initiative Evaluation Tools
Chemical Management
Chemical Management of Plant Pests Strategic Initiative - Logic Model Chemical Management Strategic Initiative - Livestock - Logic Model
Chemical Management Evaluation Tools
Biotech Logic Model Biotech Evaluation Tools
Home Horticulture
Master Gardener Logic Model (original version) Master Gardener Evaluation Tools
Commerical Horticulture
Crop Marketing Ecosystem Services for landscape Plants
Hort Therapy
Hort Therapy Logic Model Hort Therapy Evaluation Tools
Community Gardens
Community Gardens Logic Model Community Gardens Evaluation Tools
Urban Environment
Urban Environment Logic Model Urban Environment Evaluation Tools
Water Resources
Backyard Streams Logic Model Water Quality in Urban Environments Logic Model
Backyard Streams Evaluation Tools Water Quality in Urban Environments Evaluation Tools
Follow-up Follow-up
Ag Water Quality Act Logic Model  
Ag Water Quality Act Evaluation Tools  
Ag Economics and Policy
Ag Policy Logic Model

Agricultural Economics – Farm Management EVALUATION FORM

Marketing Logic Model Evaluation Tools

Ag Econ / Farm Management Issues Discussed (no particular order)


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