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2012 Private Applicator Training - Crops

Here is a new approach to private applicator certification training based on information from articles

that appeared in the Kentucky Pest News during 2011. The idea is to present information that is more

applicable to applicators and to cover it in small doses. The crops program consists of the following

segments (approximate minutes):

1 Generic pesticides – 6
2 Pesticide news – 9
3 Wet spring weed control in corn – 6
4 Late season corn insects – 5
5 Fungicide resistance in corn – 6
6 Poison hemlock in pastures – 5
7 Ryegrass control in wheat – 5
8 Spider mites and insect pests in soybeans ‐ 4

The sections run back to back in one segment that lasts just under 50 minutes. While all segments may not be relevant to everyone, they at least cover current topics. For example, the corn fungicide program deals with the concept of pesticide resistance that is something that many face.

Applicators should be reminded of recordkeeping requirements, safe pesticide storage, and Worker Protection Standards.  A program that addresses vegetable crops is being put together as an alternative.  Please let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


Lee Townsend

Extension Entomologist


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