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Microsoft Lync Connect

Video camera with excellent quality for Lync sessions for clientele in a conference room (approximatley $200) This camera can also serve as desktop camera for collaboration with other in our system if you can afford only one camera.


(This camera has HD video and excellent sound

If you can afford both get this one for desktop

Lync Best Practices (Read me first)

Things that might help improve the Lync experience for our clientele in the future

Lync 2010 Attendee Quick Reference

Conferencing Quick Reference

Instant Messaging and Presence Quick Reference

Microsoft Lync Training PPT

UK Lync Wiki

How to join a Lync meeting outside of the UK system

How to set up a conference on Lync using Outlook
"Warning:  This may not work in county offices"

Trouble Shooting

Make sure your Menu Bar is showing. (DO THIS NOW) It looks like this


(note, however, that in the regular Lync box (second below) is different)  If not showing, either click on the >> next to the paperclip and it will appear and should be checked as below, if you are already in a meeting.  If you are not in meeting, click the cog and follow the same proceedure.




Why is this important?  Because 99% of the time if there are issues, sound is the reason, usually NO SOUND.  If you unplug any device (headset, xTag, speakers etc.) you may lose sound.  Some programs may play with the sound and select the wrong speakers.  You need “Settings” to resolve these issues.  Make sure that sound issues are resolved before a meeting.   How do you do that?  Click on “Settings”, then “Options”, and then “Audio Device”. 

  Click on the drop down box where it says Headset (yours will most likely be different) try these till one works. 


Digital Microscope Adobe Connect

Dino-Lite AM413TA w/Rigid Stand recommended

Dino-Lite Instructions

Creating a Meeting in Adobe Connect

Recording your Adobe connect/Lync meeting
Download at

Log in with your regular user name and password (do not use AD\)  Type in Lync in the search,  Download either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your system. Note:
Close Explorer before installing Microsoft Lync. (Lync interacts with Explorer to collected info including responding to your schedule to alert others as to your availability.)  (note:  It is best to save rather than run, because it will give you a chance to download to a folder of your choice otherwise you may find it hard to find.)  The download  is a zip folder and must be unzipped.  The result is a setup program that will install Lync.  Be sure to use the correct email address.  You should
use the user which is the one you use to access Link Blue and my UK ... Do not use  

(If you don’t know what system you have, click on the windows icon (start menu) where you shut down your system, look for Control Panel and click on it.  Depending on the view option setting, either click on "System" or "System and Security and then System".  Look under system type and it will have either 32-bit or 64-bit) 
or for more details go to:

Building a start menu

Go to
and select widgets that you prefer.
You can also selct a second page for blogs that you would like to follow.

20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

How to Take Better Photographs

How to Understand Camera Exposure

Seeing is Believing: Using the Power of Photography to Tell the Story of Sustainable Agriculture

Open Calendar:
To Remove birthdays from calendar click on Change View and select List - go to bottom to look for birthdays - click on first and scroll down to last and do a Shift/click to highlight all birthdays - hit delete
Social Media YouTube
Required Logos

Social Media Information Hub

List of social networking websites

32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

UKAg Learning Services Facebook Page

Video YouTube videos are available on iTunes U and can be downloaded directly to your iPhone, iTouch or your computer.
How to Convert VHS and Other Video Tapes to DVD for Free ou will need to have iTunes installed on your workstation to access the content on iTunesU.

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Video & Image search
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How to Use Twitter


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