University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Alison F. Davis

Director, Community & Economic Development Initiatve of Kentucky

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Extension Professor
411 C.E. Barnhart Building
Lexington, KY 40546
Phone: (859) 257-7260
Fax: (859) 323-1913
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AEC 653
AEC 303

Educational Background

BA, Skidmore College, Economics 1996

PhD, North Carolina State University, Economics, 2004

Curriculum Vitae   Updated January 2012

Research and Extension Areas of Interest

Rural Economic Development, Regional and Urban Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Rural Entrepreneurhship (Post Tobacco Buyout Era)

Selected Publications

Extension Publications

Rural Economic Development Newsletter  March 2009

Buying a Home 101. Alison Davis. October 2008

Rural Economic Development Newsletter. April 2008

Kentucky Resources to Meet the Energy Needs of the 25 x 25 initiative,  2008

Economic Development for Eastern Kentucky. Alison Davis. March, 2007

The Importance of Agriculture for Fayette County, Kentucky. Alison Davis. October, 2006. 


Research Publications

Davis, Alison (Reum) and Thomas R. Harris (2006), "Exploring Firm Location Beyond Simple Growth Models: A Double Hurdle Application." Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, 36(1): 45-67.


Hu, Wuyang and Alison Davis (October 2007) "Desert Recreation Management: Value of Perceived Freedom." Forthcoming Applied Economics Letters


Davis, Alison and Klaus Moeltner (July 2009), "Valuing the Prevention of an Infestation: The Threat of the New Zealand Mud Snail in Northern Nevada." Forthcoming in Agricultural and Resource Economics Review


Lucia Ona, and Alison Davis (October 2008). "Economic Impact of the Critical Access Hospital Program on Kentucky's Communities," Forthcoming in the Journal of Rural Health

Book Chapters:

Davis, Alison and Thomas R. Harris, The Use of Double Hurdles Models: An Application to Nevada" in Targeting Regional Economic Development, editors Stephan Goetz, Steven Deller and Thomas Harris, March 2009.


Goetz, Stephan, Steve Deller, Thomas Harris, and Alison Davis. "What Have We Learned?" in Targeting Regional Economic Development, editors Stephan Goetz, Steven Deller and Thomas Harris, March 2009.


Publications under review:

Hu, Wuyang and Alison Davis, "An Ex Post Analysis as a Follow-Up to Stated Preferences for Managment Strategies in Nevada's Black Rock Desert." Revise and Resubmit to Annals of Leisure Research.


Davis, Alison, Betsy Fadali, and Thomas R. Harris, "The Entrepreneur Push vs. Pull Theory: It All Depends on Location," Submitted to Annals of Regional Science


Davis, Alison, "Accessibility, Congestion, and Choice: Non-market Consequences of the urban/suburban infrastructure", Revise and Resubmit to Regional Science and Urban Economics, December 2007


Davis, Alison, "Heterogeneous Households' Responses to Congestion for Non-Work Trips," Submitted to Transportation Resarch: Part B