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David L. Debertin

David L. Debertin

410 C.E. Barnhart Building
Lexington, KY  40546-0276
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Educational Background

Ph.D. Purdue University, 1973
M.S. North Dakota State University, 1970
B.S. North Dakota State University, 1969

Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications

Personal Listing of papers in electronic media on the Worldwide Web authored or co-authored by Dr. David L. Debertin, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky

Recession, Terrorism, the S&P 500 and the Yield Curve. David Debertin. October, 2001. (Adobe Acrobat format.)

Local Economic Conditions and Kentucky's Education Reform Act (KERA). Stephan J. Goetz and David L. DebertinProfessor. Kentucky Annual Economic Report, 1996; (1996).
A Comparison of Social Capital in Rural and Urban Settings. David L. Debertin. 1996.
Emerging Trends in Kentucky Agriculture and the Future of Rural Kentucky in the 21st Century. David L. Debertin. 1996.
Implications of Federal Tax Reform for Kentucky. David L. Debertin, Stephan Goetz. September, 1995. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
Kentucky Agriculture in the Year 2000: Some thoughts on Revitalizing the Mission of the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky. David L. Debertin. 1995. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
Agricultural Sustainability and Consumerism. David L. Debertin. 1995. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
Production Practices and Systems in Sustainable Agriculture. David L. Debertin and Angelos Pagoulatos. 1995.
Differences in Rural and Urban Schools: Issues for Policymakers. David L. Debertin and Stephan J. Goetz. January, 1994. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
New Strategies for Effective Rural Development. David L. Debertin. 1993. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
Categorizing State Economies and Forecasting Differential Economic Growth Rates. David L. Debertin and Angelos Pagoulatos. 1993. (Adobe Acrobat format.)
Social Scientists, Agricultural Research and the Land Grant Mission. David L. Debertin. 1991. (Adobe Acrobat format.)