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Kentucky Rural Health Works Program

Team Members

Alison F. Davis, Director, Assistant Extension Professor, Phone: (859) 257-7260

National Rural Healths Works Program

About KRHW

The Kentucky Rural Health Works Program (KRHW) was created to help rural communities and health administrators better understand the role health care plays in a local economy.  In 1998, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania initiated a five state pilot project that would expand public awareness of the economic importance of health care sector in rural communities. Kentucky Rural Health Works Program (KRHW) originated from Operation Rural Health Works Project (RHW). The RHW Project was originally sponsored by the Rural Policy Research Institute, the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Service.

Rural Health Works Flyer

An Overview of Services Available

The Rural Health Works Program can provide reports and analyses for your community.  Take a look at the outline of possible projects to determine if there is something of interest to you or your community.

Economic Impact and Health Services Profitibality Studies

Reports Available