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    Kentucky Food Consumer Surveys are designed to collect information about food behaviors and attitudes from households across the state. 


   Results from these surveys are used to assist county extension agents, farmers, small-scale food entrepreneurs, educators, and market managers with food marketing strategies and overall agribusiness management.


   The goal of our research is to support local and regional food systems,  strengthen economies, improve food quality, increase fresh produce accessibility and consumption,  and positively impact the environment.


Survey Results & Publications

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Food Consumers

The Profile of a Kentucky Food Consumer (AEC 2009-13, Nov 2008


The Effects of Rising Fuel Costs on Food Behaviors (AEC 2009-19, Sept 2008)


Food Consumption

Weekly Food Consumption in Kentucky (AEC 2009-14, Jan 2009)


Salsa Consumption in Kentucky (AEC 2009-16, Jan 2009)


Sweet Potato Consumption in Kentucky (AEC 2009-18, Aug 2008)


Veggie Consumption of Kentucky's Kids (2009-20, Sept 2008)


Barriers to Fresh Produce Consumption (AEC 2009-21, Oct 2008)


Price as the Most Significant Barrier to Fresh Produce Consumption (AEC 2009-22, Oct 2008)  


Local & Regional Food Systems

Creating a Regionalized Food System: New Consumer Research (AEC 2009-23, Oct 2008)


Farmers' Markets

Kentucky's Farmers' Market Shoppers (AEC 2009-15, Jan 2009)


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