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Graduate Student Organization

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The Department of Agricultural Economics provides a friendly, professional environment where success in one's program is determined by the effort and energy one wants to apply. To ensure this environment, the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) functions as an organ of representation, communication, and coordination among graduate students of the Department of Agricultural Economics and between such students, faculty, and staff members of the Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, the University of Kentucky, and the non-academic community.

Graduate students are encouraged to present papers at professional meetings and participate in academic programs that contribute to career development. Also, our excellent extension faculty is always willing to take graduate students along during trips around the state. Such trips are not only informative, but also provide a unique perspective on how extension and community outreach strengthen our department's relevance in the state's agricultural and general economic development.


The GSO plans social and academic functions throughout the year. Some of the activities planned for this coming year are:

  • Picnics, happy-hours, and other get-togethers
  • Mentor program for new students (welcoming and providing peer advice)
  • Software seminars
  • Job search and career development sessions

2013-2014 Officers

President: Jerrod Penn 

Vice President: Mahdi Asgari

Treasurer:  Andrew McLaughlin

Information Officer: Omotoyasi "Omo" Van Wie

Ag Econ Grad Students
(From left to right) Jerrod Penn, Omo Van Wie, Andrew McLaughlin and Mahdi Asgari


For additional information about the GSO, please contact Jerrod or Mahdi. We would be happy to chat with you about the program, living in Lexington, or whatever you may need to know!


Feb. 2013- Graduate and Undergraduate students at SAEA in Orlando, FL

The many faces of UK


June 2012, Summer Ag Tour

Visiting a Broiler operation


Recent Event Photos


Oct. 2011- GSO Outing to Reed Valley Orchard in Paris, KY

(Photo thanks to N. Zuo)


Ag Econ Grad Students at Professor Isaacs September 2011

Fall Team Building at Dr. Isaacs  More great Ag Econ students!

(Photo thanks to W. Hu)


AgEcon GSO Great American Cleanup Service Event April 2011

(Photo thanks to L. Kompaniyets)



Short Courses on Software and Statistical Methods

These workshops are provided by UK's SSTARS Center and LISA at Virginia Tech.

Current video courses include:

Introduction to SAS

Introduction to JMP

Using R for your Basic Statistical Needs

Introduction to Regression

Regression Using Bayesian Statistics in R

Anaylzing Non-Linear Data with Generalized Linear Models (GLM)

Analyzing Real Data

Genalized Linear Models

Multivariate Methods: Principal Components Analysis, Factor Analysis, etc.

Design of Experiments