University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Areas of Focus

Food and Agribusiness Management

  • Agriculture and agribusiness finance, production and marketing; economic, policy, and business analysis

  • Food and consumers: demand analysis, regulation issues

  • International food trade and policy; agribusiness implications

Agricultural and Food Marketing

  • Demand and supply analysis, industry modeling, price forecasting
  • Futures markets, forward contracts, price risk management strategies, price discovery mechanisms
  • Market integration over time, form, and space
  • Value creation through storage, processing, and distribution
  • Impacts of policies and events on ag. and food markets
  • Nutrition, public health, and food safety

Environmental and Resource Economics

  • Environmental and resource valuation 
  • Resource Management

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Firm location decisions
  • Factors affecting entrepreneurship decisions 


Production Economics/Farm Management

Public Policy/Finance

International Trade

  • Effects of trade liberalization on world agricultural trade patterns.

  • Effects of macroeconomic policies on US agricultural prices and trade

Ag Policy

Equine Economics

  • Pricing issues in Thoroughbred racing
  • Breeders' incentive funds
  • Demand for equestrian trails