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Edible Insects: Links

compiled by B. Newton, Entomology Extension Specialist

Explorer's Club Annual Dinner

The Explorer's Club in New York, NY, is famous for its annual dinner, which often features edible insects.  Listed below are some articles about this notorious event.



Hotlix: this company from California is famous for its insect suckers and chocolate covered ants.

Thailand Unique: this website sells canned insects and other goodies


Other Links

Eating Bugs: This site contains tips and facts from the Manataka American Indian Council.

Food Insects: this site from Gene R. DeFoliart is very popular and contains lots of information about edible insects

Insects As Food: a site about edible insects in Thailand

People Eating Bugs & Food w/ Insects, Nutrition by Natalie: a YouTube video about insects in food

Last updated: 26 Jan 2009

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