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For Students, Parents and Teachers  |  PRESCHOOL - ELEMENTARY

Attention Junior Entomologists!  Katerpillars is Kentucky's on-line source for insect fun and information, including Mystery Bugs, our on-line insect game.  Elementary and preschool educators can also find KERA-aligned activities and lesson plans.
Mystery Bug Quiz | Bugfood: Edible Insects | For Pre-K & Elementary Educators


kentucky bug conection: waterbug mascotFor Students, Parents and Teachers  |  MIDDLE - HIGH SCHOOL

At the Kentucky Bug Connection, students can find entomology facts in the Critter Case Files, our guide to Kentucky insects and related critters.  Educators can also find KERA-aligned materials for their middle- or high-school science or natural resources curriculum.


4H logo4-H ENTOMOLOGY RESOURCES  |  For 4-Hers, Agents, and Leaders

4-H Entomology Resources  Kentucky 4-H Entomologists, Extension Agents, and adult leaders should visit our 4-H Entomology Resources page for information about Entomology Kentucky State Fair project books and the Kentucky 4-H Entomology Curriculum.



Search the Critter Files for hundreds of pictures of Kentucky's most common insects, spiders, and their relatives along with biological information.

Insects | Spiders | Centipedes | Millipedes | Scorpions | Mites & Ticks | Daddy-Long-Legs | Sowbugs & Roly-polies


For more Kentucky Youth/4-H Entomology information, contact:

Blake Newton
859.257.7453 |
Department of Entomology
S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY USA 40546-0091