FOR 230 Fall 2014

Conservation Biology - Dr. John Cox


Lectures 1-3: Conservation Movement History and Ethical Foundations


Lectures 4-5: Conservation Ethics and Aldo Leopold


Lectures 6-7: Biodiversity Valuation


Lectures 8-9: Biodiversity Patterns and Processes


Lecture 10: General Biodiversity Threats


Lectures 11-12: Habitat Loss and Fragmentation


Lecture 13: Invasive Species


Lecture 14: Overexploitation


Lecture 15: Climate Change


Lecture 16


Lectures 17-18: Genetics and Small Populations


Lecture 19: Ex-Situ Conservation Strategies


Lectures 20-21: Protected Areas










The relationship between Trees and Human Health, EAB Case Study


Tibetan Buddhism and Snow Leopards


Cascading Effects of the Loss of Apex Predatory Sharks


Ecological Meltdown in Predator-Free Forest Fragments