FOR 230 Fall 2013

Conservation Biology - Dr. John Cox


Lectures 1-2: Conservation Movement History and Ethical Foundations


Lectures 3-4: Conservation Ethics and Leopold


Lectures 5-6: Biodiversity Valuation


Lectures 7-8: Biodiversity Patterns and Processes


Lecture 9: Biodiversity Threats


Lecture 10: Overexploitation


Lecture 11: Invasive Species


Lecture 12: Climate Change

  Lectures 13-14:  Habitat Loss and Fragmentation
  Lecture 15: Disease


Lectures 16-17: Small Populations and Conservation Genetics

  Lecture 18: Ex-Situ Conservation Strategies
  Lecture 19: Protected Areas, Design and Management




Cascading Effects of the Loss of Apex Predatory Sharks


The Environmental Price Tag of MTR Coal Removal


Tibetan Buddihism and Snow Leopards


Trout Impacts on Grizzly and Elk




Shrink to Fit Conservation