FOR 230 Fall 2015

Conservation Biology - Dr. John Cox


Lectures 1-2: Conservation Movement History and Ethical Foundations


Lectures 3-4: Conservation Ethics and Aldo Leopold


Lecture 5: Biodiversity Valuation


Lectures 6-7: Biodiversity Patterns and Processes


Lecture 8: Biodiversity Threats


Lecture 9: Habitat Loss, Degradation, and Fragmentation


Lecture 10: Overexploitation


Lecture 11: Invasive Species


Lecture 12: Disease


Lecture 13: Climate Change


Lectures 14-16: Genetics and Small Pops


Lectures 18-19: Protected Areas




Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation


The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health


Keystone Interactions: Salmon and Bear in Riparian Forests of Alaska


Cascading Effects of the Loss of Apex Predatory Sharks from a Coastal Ocean


Killer Whale Predation on Sea Otters Linking Oceanic and Nearshore Ecosystems


Yellowstone after Wolves


Shrink to Fit Conservation Magazine Article