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The Department of Forestry

The Department of Forestry is one of ten academic departments in the College of Agriculture. It was established in 1969 with primary responsibility for research, instruction, and extension programs in forest and wildland natural resources. The faculty of the Department of Forestry is located on Lexington Campus in the T. P. Cooper Building and at the Robinson Substation in Quicksand, KY. Additional facilities at Robinson Forest (in Breathitt, Knott and Perry Counties) and the Wood Utilization Center (Quicksand, KY) support academic programs of the Department. The faculty within the Department of Forestry represent a diverse array of disciplines and programs.

Faculty of the Department of Forestry conduct basic and applied research to support our understanding and use of forest ecosystems. Research disciplines include ecology, economics, genetics, hydrology, mensuration, physiology, silviculture, soils, surface mine reclamation, timber management, wildlife biology, and wood utilization. Current research programs include studies of conservation biology, ecosystem dynamics, applications of geographic information systems, population genetics, forest health, and optimal management of timber stands.

The Department's primary undergraduate instructional responsibility is its Forestry program. Additionally, the Department contributes to College-wide programs in Natural Resource Conservation and Management, and Agricultural Biotechnology. Graduate instruction is offered through the Master of Science in Forestry program. Where appropriate, individual faculty participate in related graduate programs, such as Crop Science and Animal Sciences.

Extension programs in the Department of Forestry are designed to address both current and anticipated needs of extension clientele to promote greater understanding of forest resources, their sustainable management and utilization. Extension programs include agroforestry, biodiversity and ecosystem management, forest management and silviculture, forestry and environmental education for youth, logger education, natural resource recreation and tourism, surface mine reclamation, urban forestry, wildlife damage control, wildlife conservation, and wood products and wood processing technology.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Department of Forestry is to create and disseminate knowledge concerning renewable forest resources and to foster integrated solutions to forest resource challenges for the mutual benefit of the resource and the citizens of Kentucky. This vision is achieved through excellence in the three land-grant missions of the University of Kentucky: research, instruction, and extension.

The research mission of the Department of Forestry is to conduct creative and rigorous studies of a basic and applied nature to address questions on forest ecosystem function and on the products of these ecosystems. The Department fosters strong linkages between research and extension so that fundamental understandings of forested ecosystems can be applied to sustainable management of natural resources at the state, regional, and global levels. The results from these research endeavors contribute to ecologically, socially, and economically integrated solutions to natural resource management problems. The Department also encourages strong links between research programs and undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education to prepare scientists and resource managers to meet the challenges facing society.

The Department of Forestry's instructional mission is to provide a strong educational background that will enable students to be effective stewards of natural resources. In so doing, it seeks to educate students in the broad concepts of forestry and natural resource management, and the application of these concepts to forest and natural resource issues. The Department recognizes that effective leaders in today's world must be team builders, problem solvers, and lifelong learners with a strong sense of professional ethics and appreciation for the forest resource. The Department of Forestry seeks to provide a responsive learning environment of creative thinking that enables all students to achieve their highest level of proficiency.

The Department of Forestry's extension mission is to provide current, balanced and practical information on the sustainable use and management of forest and renewable natural resources. The Department seeks to provide extension programs that are both responsive to expressed needs and proactive to anticipated needs of its clientele. Those programs facilitate bringing appropriate information to the public, thereby empowering them to appreciate forest resources and participate in the effective management and utilization of those resources. Close ties with research and instructional programs are encouraged to enable extension programs to provide the most current information. These ties further serve to bring "real world" perspectives into the research arena and into the classroom.