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Masters Degrees in Forestry (Updated February 2011)

Thank you for visiting the web pages of the Forestry Graduate Program at the University of Kentucky.  We hope that most of your questions will be answered by the information on this and linked pages.  If you need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact the Program’s Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. David B. Wagner (complete contact information is at the bottom of this page).

Forestry encompasses a wide variety of social and natural science disciplines while addressing issues that range from molecular to landscape and societal levels.  This broad scope creates a stimulating atmosphere for graduate education and research, leading to innovative approaches in the sustainable management of forest and other natural resources.  The Department of Forestry includes nationally and internationally recognized faculty and staff.  We offer a high faculty-to-student ratio, which promotes excellence in graduate training and leads to a strong record of job placement.

Graduate study can be conducted in a variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary topic areas including plant physiology, genetics, forest management, forest soils, economics, invasive species, natural resource policy, wood utilization, wildlife biology and management, conservation biology, forest ecology, silviculture, hydrology, natural resource policy, restoration ecology (including mine reclamation), and watershed management.  M.S. (Forestry) students can choose to pursue a thesis or a non-thesis option.  On the pages linked below you will find specific information regarding admission and degree requirements of the M.S. (Forestry) degree program, as well as related information that may answer many of your questions.

In addition to the Forestry Graduate Program, faculty members of the Department of Forestry participate in a variety of other graduate programs that offer M.S. degrees (e.g., Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Biology, Entomology, Geography, Geology, Plant and Soil Science).  If you are interested in working with a Forestry faculty member on a Masters degree in a graduate program other than Forestry, please contact our individual faculty member(s) in your area(s) of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional information:


I: Admission to the M.S. (Forestry) Degree Program


II: M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirements


A. Plan A (thesis option)


B. Plan B (non-thesis option)


III: Research and Teaching Assistantships


IV: Forestry (FOR) Course Descriptions


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VI: Graduate School Home Page


VII: Contact the Director of Graduate Studies by phone (859-257-3773), e-mail, or at the following address:


Dr. David B. Wagner, Director of Graduate Studies
Forestry Graduate Program
209A Thomas Poe Cooper Forestry Building
Department of Forestry
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY  40546-0073