University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Master Teacher Award Winners

Nomination Form

2013Melissa Newman
2012Tammy Stephenson
2011Songlin Fei
2010Bill Silvia
2009Todd Pfeiffer
2008Robert Coleman
2007Keith Schillo
2006Czarena Crofcheck
2005Sunny Ham
2004Paul Vincelli
2003Steve Isaacs
2002David Williams
2001James Jackson
2000Stephen R. Workman
1999Sue E. Nokes
1998Daniel A. Potter
1997Roberta Dwyer
1996Jim Ringe
1995Lorriane Garkovich
1994Mary Marchant
1993Robert McNiel
1992Janice C. Schach
1991Lee A. Edgerton
1990Scott A. Shearer
1989Debra Aaron
1988Larry Grabau
1987Stephen Jackson
1986Bill Moody
1985Jack Buxton
1984Loys Mather
1983Kenneth V. Yeargan
1982J. Kenneth Evans
1981Fred Thrift
1980Don Ely
1979Joe Davis
1978Wilbur Frye
1977Ward Crowe
1976Charles Byers
1975William Survant

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