Fall 2000 Business Meeting Minutes

Gamma Sigma Delta Business Meeting -- September 27, 2000
Submitted by Susan Sponcil, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by President Susan Skees. Approximately 15 members were in attendance. The minutes of the January 2000 business meeting were presented and approved.

President's Report: The Kentucky chapter received the 1998-99 Outstanding Chapter Award from the International Gamma Sigma Delta organization. We also received the same award for 1999-2000 in a tie with the LSU chapter. In addition, we received the 1999-2000 Outstanding New Activity Award for our communications efforts (brochure, display, web page). Our web site is now updated, and we also have a presence on the International GSD web page. At the Conclave in June 2000, Mary Marchant was elected International Historian.

Retiree Breakfast: The first retiree breakfast will be held on October 13, 2000. A committee of four retirees decided that a breakfast get-together was the best option. They wanted no formal program, but did wish to have a written update of activities within the College. There will be a $5 charge for all attendees.

Newsletter: The fall Gamma Sigma Delta newsletter was sent to members in mid-September. Those on the mailing list included retirees and members who have paid dues within the past three years.

Outstanding Staff Awards Committee Report: Deborah Witham, the GSD representative on the committee, reported that 38 nominations were received for this year's Outstanding Staff Awards. Six awards were presented at the Staff Appreciation Day.

Membership Drive: New representatives have been named. Their title has been changed from "unit coordinators" to Gamma Sigma Delta representatives. Larger departments now have two representatives. A meeting will be held on October 11 to provide information on current active members as well as potential eligible members in each department. Representatives will be encouraged to contact newer employees about the possibility of transferring GSD membership from other institutions.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer George Duncan reviewed our year-to-date income and expenditures compared with calendar year 1999. Discussion followed regarding expenses, including identifying recurring charges and one-time expenses. Most of the expenditures have been for new programs, activities, and awards.

Deborah Witham reported on committee meetings with Bill Sheets for possible fund-raising efforts. Bill suggested establishing an endowment for funding our awards program, particularly the Master Teacher Award.

New Business

The issue of membership dues was discussed. Until a long-term endowment can be established, we need a mechanism to generate additional operating money. David Debertin suggested devoting a portion of our budget to awards and requesting voluntary, tax-deductible contributions from members. Other non-award activities could be funded by income from dues. The proposal to increase dues was discussed at length. David Debertin proposed a line item on the dues renewal notice for additional contributions with a "suggested contribution" of some fixed amount.

According to Treasurer Duncan, approximately 120 members are paying dues on a recurring basis. Typically, 40-50 new members are initiated each year. Wilbur Frye suggested that retirees would be willing to respond to a call for contributions if the goal is specific (i.e., contributing to an awards program). It was suggested that the dues notice be sent to retirees and alumni members as well as active employee members. It was further clarified that retirees are not required to pay dues. Austin Cantor suggested that the dues notice be mailed with the next version of the newsletter.

David Debertin moved that dues be increased to $15 for all groups of members (faculty, professional staff, alumni, and continuing students) with a suggested additional contribution to the award fund of $25. Patty Scharko seconded the motion and the motion passed. It was clarified that there will be no change in fees for retirees (complimentary) or new initiates.

Old Business

Under the topic of officer elections, it was noted again that the Constitution and Bylaws are in conflict with each other regarding a slate of officers. The Constitution states that officers are to elected from "a slate." The Bylaws state that the nominating committee shall nominate "two or more" candidates for each office. The section of the Bylaws in question is Article II, Section 1. Mary Marchant moved to modify the Bylaws to include a slate of officers. Carl Dillon moved to amend Marchant's motion by changing the Bylaws to state "at least one candidate for each office." Patty Scharko seconded and the motion passed. George Duncan moved to further amend the Bylaws by changing "in mimeographed form" to "in printed form." Patty Scharko seconded and the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned by President Susan Skees.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Sponcil
Chapter Secretary