Gamma Sigma Delta

Fall 2001 Business Meeting Minutes

Gamma Sigma Delta Business Meeting -- September 26, 2001
Submitted by Susan Sponcil, Secretary

Following a reception, the meeting was called to order by President Lee Edgerton. The minutes of the January 2001 business meeting were presented by chapter secretary Susan Sponcil. Joe Williams moved to accept the minutes; the motion was seconded by Chris Thompson and carried. David Debertin presented the treasurer's report. After discussion of the chapter's financial status, Chris Thompson moved to accept the treasurer's report. Deborah Witham seconded, and the motion passed.

International Historian Mary Marchant announced that the Kentucky chapter has been named Outstanding Chapter for the third consecutive year. Our winning program for 2000-2001 marks the first time a chapter has ever been honored for three years running.

Old Business:

Fund-raising efforts for the chapter were discussed at length. Our chapter's new UK gift account was announced. Secretary Susan Sponcil presented an option for the College of Agriculture Phon-a-thon. By providing a membership list to the alumni & development office, the student callers could suggest to our members that their phon-a-thon contribution be directed to the new Gamma Sigma Delta Fund that has been established through the UK Development Office. Another option is to send our members a postcard one week prior to the phon-a-thon asking them to consider designating their phon-a-thon pledge to Gamma Sigma Delta.

After discussion by the group, David Debertin moved to send a letter, rather than a postcard, to all active members and retirees outlining the gift options in addition to asking the phon-a-thon callers to suggest Gamma Sigma Delta. A response envelope will be provided with the mailing. Susan Skees seconded, and the motion passed.

President Lee Edgerton discussed a plan to create a Gamma Sigma Delta endowment fund by asking ten members to each contribute $1,000. No one would be asked to pay until all ten commitments had been made. To date, two commitments have been received. A minimum of $10,000 is needed to create an endowment; this amount could be expected to generate approximately $500 each year for operating expenses. After much discussion, the group decided a two year time frame should be set in order to meet this goal. The original ten contributors will be named to a select group within Gamma Sigma Delta, perhaps the "Founders Society." This effort will be included in the solicitation letter sent to all active members and retirees.

President Lee Edgerton announced that one endowment has already been established for the benefit of Gamma Sigma Delta. A gift of $15,000 was received by the alumni and development office from an anonymous donor for this purpose. During the first seven years, the income from the endowment can be used to support Gamma Sigma Delta programs and operating expenses. After the seventh year, the endowment income is required to be awarded as a scholarship.

New Business:

Publicity Chair Deborah Witham announced that the Fall 2001 issue of the Cornucopia is ready to be distributed. She asked members to submit suggestions for items to be included in the next issue.

The date and time for the Retirees' Brunch were announced. It will be held in the E.S. Good Barn at 10:00 a.m. on October 19. All College retirees and employees are invited to attend.

Seminar ideas were the next topic of discussion. For the past three years, Gamma Sigma Delta has coordinated a Distinguished Lecturer Series in the College. Each year, funding has been available from sources outside the chapter. In order to continue the series at a lower cost, David Debertin suggested that College faculty members be invited to speak. Another option is to require the recipients of the Master Teacher, T.P. Cooper Research, and Whitaker Extension Awards to present a lecture in their area of expertise. The Whitaker Extension Award will be presented in December of this year, so that recipient could present a seminar in Spring 2002. The other two award winners will be announced at the Gamma Sigma Delta banquet and could present their seminars in Fall 2002.

President Lee Edgerton announced the date and location of our spring banquet and initiation ceremony. It will be held on March 26, 2002 at the Fayette County Extension Office.

A department representatives' meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m. on October 3, 2001. Location will be announced later.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Sponcil
Chapter Secretary