Gamma Sigma Delta

Spring 2003 Business Meeting Minutes

Gamma Sigma Delta Business Meeting -- January 23, 2003
Submitted by Susan Sponcil, Chapter Secretary

After a reception, the meeting was called to order by President Kim Ragland. Seventeen members were in attendance. Secretary Susan Sponcil presented the minutes from the January 17, 2002 business meeting. With no corrections or additions, Roy Smith moved the minutes be accepted; Joe Williams seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Treasurer David Debertin presented the chapter's current financial position as well as a proposed budget for 2003. A record number of members, 200, paid dues for calendar year 2002. The membership renewal goal has been set at 225 for 2003. After discussion, Roy Smith moved to accept the treasurer's report and proposed budget; George Duncan seconded, and the motion passed.

Old Business

Fundraising Effort: Past President Lee Edgerton reported that our chapter has met its goal of 10 commitments of $1,000 each to fund the Gamma Sigma Delta Endowment. The income from the endowment has not yet been designated for a specific use. The endowment agreement will be written in the near future with the corresponding UK accounts to be set up soon after.

Retirement Reception and Retiree Brunch: Susan Skees reported on the success of these two annual chapter events during 2002.

Conclave: Susan Sponcil reported on her attendance at the International GSD Conclave hosted by the Cal Poly chapter at their campus in Pomona, California during June 2002.

New Business

Lecture Series: Kim Ragland reported that the first lecture for 2003 is tentatively scheduled for February 27 with David Williams, the 2002 Master Teacher Award winner, as the speaker. Schedules and locations for the remaining two lecturers will be announced at a later date.

Awards Committee: Kim Ragland announced that award nominations will be accepted until January 31. Nomination materials are available on the chapter web site. The group discussed the possibility of submitting an application for the International Distinguished Service Award.

Banquet Committee: In Cindy Finneseth's absence, Susan Skees reported that the banquet will be held on March 25 at the Fayette County Extension Office. In addition to a slight catering cost increase this year, we will also be required to pay a facility fee in order to use the Extension office. After discussion, Lee Edgerton moved that the banquet ticket price be increased to $20 per person. Lee Meyer seconded, and the motion passed.

Membership Committee: Chris Thompson reported that 93 membership nominees had been presented from department chairs, departmental representatives, directors of graduate studies, and area program directors. Nominations were accepted from the floor. Chris Thompson moved that the modified list be accepted pending verification of eligibility. Dewayne Ingram seconded, and the motion passed. After discussion, it was noted that membership nominees who have declined the invitation in previous years should be noted on the nominee roster. Further discussion centered on the need to increase the membership acceptance rate.

Audit Committee: Carl Dillon, chair of the Audit Committee, reported that last year's audit recommendations had been implemented. He noted that the current audit covers a six month time period with no major audit findings. The reduced length of time covered is due to the change in audit timing from a calendar year to a fiscal year basis.

Constitution/Bylaws Committee: Discussion of proposed changes included a clearer definition of staff membership. The committee, chaired by Zelia Holloway, will review the current wording and make a proposal at the next business meeting.

Public Relations Committee: Committee Chair Deborah Witham has resigned her position as editor of the Cornucopia and requests that the chapter name a member to continue this task. She expressed willingness to assist the new editor in the transition. Deborah also reported that our chapter was asked to edit and update the International brochure during 2002. Discussion centered around the need for more up-to-date information on the chapter web page. Susan Skees agreed to work with Steve Patton on maintenance of the web site.

Election of Officers: Nominating Committee chair George Duncan reported that two positions are included in this year's election: President-Elect and Treasurer. The slate presented by the committee included David Debertin for Treasurer, but there was no confirmed nominee for President-Elect. Dewayne Ingram moved to accept the Treasurer nomination; Carl Dillon seconded and the motion passed. President Kim Ragland requested nominations from the floor for President-Elect, on the condition that the nominees would be contacted to determine their acceptance. Members nominated included Toni Greider and Patricia Dyk. Susan Skees moved that each of these candidates be contacted and then the election be conducted by e-mail. After discussion, Lee Meyer amended the motion to state that the determination of President-Elect would be conducted by the executive committee should only one of the candidates be willing to accept the position. Deborah Witham seconded, and the amended motion passed.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Sponcil
Chapter Secretary