Gamma Sigma Delta

1997 Annual Meeting Minutes

Gamma Sigma Delta Business Meeting -- January 30, 1997
Submitted by Deborah Witham, Chapter Secretary

A reception preceded the 1997 business meeting, providing an opportunity for Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD) members to socialize.

The 1997 business meeting was called to order by President Jan Schach at 3:00 p.m. on January 30, 1997. Approximately 25 members attended. Minutes of the 1996 meeting, prepared by Secretary Mary Marchant, were accepted. Ballots were distributed so members could vote for a new slate of officers. Nominees for president are Mary Marchant, agricultural economics and Robert Houtz, horticulture; and Susannah Denomme, ag development office, for treasurer.

President Schach extended congratulations to the Chapter for receiving honorable mention as an outstanding chapter last year.

Treasurer Susannah Denomme presented the 1996 Financial Statement, noting that the Chapter will not need a dues increase in the near future. In addition, Treasurer Denomme presented a proposed budget for 1997. Her commentary included remarks on how the banquet pays for itself. She also noted that funds are now kept in a savings account with the UK Credit Union. Given the state of the treasury, three proposed programs were presented to the membership for funding: 1) lecture series; 2) new recognition categories; and 3) modify existing awards for outstanding students -- either more funds, or more awards, perhaps of a different nature.

The Auditing Committee, chaired by Tom Barnes, reported that the books were audited and found to be accurate. A discussion of the Treasurer's proposed programs followed.
1) Lecture series: President Schach thought the funds the chapter provided could be matched by the Barnhart Fund for Excellence or by the Dean. Chapter by-laws include the option of expanding knowledge in agriculture, and this series would fit that criterion. Discussion in general was in favor of the lecture series, but we need to make sure we are not talking to one another, particularly the Lexington community. A motion to approve the lecture series was passed unanimously.
2) New recognition categories: the chapter does not have an award for staff (we do have a membership category for professional staff) and thus we may want to recognize both professional and non-professional staff. President Schach noted that the by-laws state that GSD is a faculty-controlled society. She would like to liberalize this statement and she recommended five awards of $100 each. Treasurer Denomme moved that a committee be appointed to develop this award program; and that the committee be given $500 to work with. The committee will report back at the next business meeting. Discussion: the awards will not be given out this year; the committee should pick up the banquet costs for spouses; College reception vs. awards banquet; issue of years of service pins; will the Dean contribute funds. Motion was passed unanimously.
3) Awards for outstanding students to include service component: need was expressed to include service in addition to GPA. It was moved that a committee be formed to establish a student award for service to agriculture. This is an alternative to enhancing financial awards for the outstanding students.
Discussion: What constitutes service? Tutoring students, outreach, etc. Include officers of ag groups, Greek community, student council and others on decision committee. Motion was passed unanimously. General discussion then focused on funding all three programs, possibly by raising dues in the next three to five years to cover the costs of the programs. Treasurer Denomme did not think it would be a problem to fund the awards currently.

Committee reports:

The Membership Committee chaired by Glenn McNabb next reported on proposed new initiates. Committee Chair McNabb thanked Susan Skees for providing the list of undergraduates, where selection criteria include: senior status within the College of Agriculture or Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering with at least 90 credit hours OR having graduated at the end of the Fall semester 1996; minimum GPA of 3.0; upper 15% of seniors in the College; minimum of 45 hours taken at UK or its community colleges; and high moral character. For graduate students, membership criteria include: minimum GPA of 3.5; complete of 15 credit hours of graduate courses at UK; demonstrated outstanding ability for advanced study; and high moral character. For faculty and staff, criteria include: member of faculty or staff for minimum of three years; shown exceptional ability; and holds a position in professional ranks of teaching, research or extension. For alumni, criteria include: graduate of College (at UK or other institution with comparable degree); provided significant service to agriculture in Kentucky; and graduated at least five years ago. The membership committee submitted its list of 65 undergraduates, 50 graduate students, 61 faculty and staff, and 1 alumnus. The motion was unanimously passed to accept the list of those determined to be eligible, given that the list is verified by the Membership Committee.

Bill Witt, chair of the Awards Committee, indicated that two nominations were made, but that there was some confusion as to when nominations were due. The deadline will be February 25.

Bob Houtz, chair of the Graduate Student Award Committee, moved to lessen the emphasis on academic excellence for the undergraduate awards, and increase the emphasis on service, with the following breakout: 20% GPA, 40% creative contributions, and 40% leadership and service. Also included in the motion was increasing the award levels for both undergraduates and graduates by $100 each, for a total increase in these awards of $500 (thus the awards will go from $100 to $200 each). The monetary change will occur in 1997, and the change in emphasis will occur in 1998. The motion passed.

Jim Ringe, chair of the Master Teacher Award Committee, reported that six faculty members have been nominated for the GSD Master Teacher. The Committee is in the process of collecting additional information from the nominees.

Bill Witt asked that the Banquet Committee take the Fayette County public school calendar into consideration, spring break in particular, when setting the GSD banquet date, as some faculty and staff are out of town at that time.

The Nominations Committee announced the results of the election:
President-Elect, Mary Marchant
Treasurer, Susannah Denomme (for a second term).

President Schach adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m.