Gamma Sigma Delta

1999 Annual Meeting Minutes

Gamma Sigma Delta Business Meeting -- January 21, 1999
Submitted by Deborah Witham, Chapter Secretary

A reception preceded the 1999 business meeting, providing an opportunity for Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD) members to socialize.

The 1999 business meeting was called to order by President Mary Marchant at 3:00 p.m. on January 21, 1999. Approximately 35 members attended. Minutes of the 1998 meeting, prepared by Secretary Deborah Witham, were accepted. Treasurer George Duncan presented the 1998 Financial Statement, noting that the Chapter continued to be in a good financial position In addition, Treasurer Duncan presented a proposed budget for 1999, which included the $450 Chapter Enrichment Award from the International Gamma Sigma Delta headquarters to offset the start-up expenses of funding the Distinguished Lecturer Series. Having all of the financial accounts on Quicken made for an easy transition between treasurers.

Committee Reports:

Stephan Goetz, a member of the Auditing Committee, reported that the books are in good order.

Jerry Skees, chair of the Distinguished Lecturer Series Committee, reported that Dr. Richard Sandor, the first lecturer in October 1998, provided an outstanding beginning for the series. The lecture, "Using Markets to Motivate Environmental Improvement: The Role for Agriculture," was held in the auditorium of the new Young Library, and was preceded by a breakfast with selected researchers. There were articles in the Kentucky Kernel, the Agriculturist, reports on NPR and AgDay, and an article in Choices magazine co-authored by Dr. Skees and Dr. Sandor. Nominations for the next lecture will be solicited from the entire college.

Charles Byers, chair of the Nominating Committee, passed out ballots. George Duncan, treasurer, finished out the second year of Susannah Denomme's term (she is now president-elect), and will run again to keep the elections on cycle, along with candidate Ellen Brightwell. Two candidates, James Jackson (animal sciences) and Susan Skees (director of academic services), were presented for the position of president-elect.

Susan Skees, chair of the Outstanding Staff Awards Committee, presented a report on this program's successful first event. Thirty-two nominations were received and 7 awards were presented jointly by Oran Little, Dean of the College, Mary Marchant, President of Gamma Sigma Delta, and Bobby Gafney, Past President of the Ag Alumni Association at a September event in Seay Auditorium, followed by a reception. The process is now in place for the committee to continue its work; the current award winners will constitute the committee for next year, with the chair of the 1998 committee serving ex officio as an advisor.

The Membership Committee report was presented by Lee Edgerton, who thanked Susan Skees for providing the list of undergraduates, where selection criteria include: senior status within the College of Agriculture or Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering with at least 90 credit hours OR having graduated at the end of the Fall semester 1998; minimum GPA of 3.0; upper 15% of seniors in the College; minimum of 45 hours taken at UK or its community colleges; and high moral character. For graduate students, membership criteria include: minimum GPA of 3.5; complete of 15 credit hours of graduate courses at UK; demonstrated outstanding ability for advanced study; and high moral character. For faculty and staff, criteria include: member of faculty or staff for minimum of three years; shown exceptional ability; and holds a position in professional ranks of teaching, research or extension. For alumni, criteria include: graduate of College (at UK or other institution with comparable degree); provided significant service to agriculture in Kentucky; and graduated at least five years ago. The membership committee submitted its list of 55 undergraduates, 72 graduate students, 21 faculty and staff, and 1 alumna. Discussion followed, and some additional names were submitted from the floor. The motion was unanimously passed to accept the list of those determined to be eligible, given that the list is amended and verified by the Membership Committee.

David Sparrow, chair of the Awards Committee, extended the deadline to February 1.

Dan Potter, chair of the Master Teacher Award Committee, noted that the committee was in the process of collecting additional information from the nominees. A discussion about the "element of surprise" ended with the agreement that this award winner's name would not be printed in the program but that the winner would be notified a few days in advance so that a spouse could attend the banquet.

David Debertin, chair of the Outstanding Graduate Students Awards Committee, indicated that some nominations had been received, but from only a few departments. Discussion about the need to extend the deadline ended with the agreement to let the deadline stand.

Kim Ragland, chair of the Banquet Committee, described the delicious menu being planned; flowers and music arrangements are complete; and the committee is working with Secretary Witham to print the tickets and program. A discussion ensued about the cost of the banquet tickets (should students and faculty/staff pay the same price?), the number of "free" tickets offered to award winners, and whether inviting parents would greatly affect the number attending the banquet. The final decision was to raise the cost from $16 to $17, and to have everyone - faculty, students, staff, parents - pay the same price for their tickets.

Grace Gorrell, chair of the Retirement and Recognition Program Committee, was unable to be present. No date has yet been set for this spring function, which is usually attended by 75-100 retirees and current staff and administrators.

Ken Wells, chair of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, reported that our constitution is in compliance with national by-laws. A proposed change - that the nominating committee present a slate to be voted on, instead of individuals - was rejected.

Old Business:

President-Elect Susannah Denomme has been reviving the George Mitchell Outstanding Faculty Award for Service to Graduate Students. The forms will go out this spring and the award will be comparable to the Master Teacher award, $750 and a plaque. The award is being turned over to Gamma Sigma Delta to handle and present at the banquet, and the by-laws will be changed to reflect that.

There was no new business, or business from the floor.

The Nominating Committee announced the results of the election:
President-Elect, Susan Skees and Treasurer, George Duncan.
President Marchant adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.