University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Outstanding Alumnus Award Winners

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2013The Honorable Tanya Gaye Pullin
2012Jack McAllister
2011Bill McCloskey
2010Lillian Hixson Rice
2009Myra Leigh Tobin
2008Dr. William Moody
2007Letha Tomes Drury
2006Dr. James Corbin
2005Cameron Williams, Jr.
2004Meredith Scales
2003Merrill R. Hammons
2002Donald L. Sparks
2001C.A. "Ottie" Pantle, Jr.
2000Harold Workman
1999Alvin Drew Graham, Jr.
1998John L. Ragland
1997Stanley Wall
1996M.D. "Mac" Whiteker
1995Joyce C. Clifford
1994Charles Hamilton
1993William Sprague
1992Clarence B. Ammerman
1991Glen Massengale
1990James Kemp
1989James R. Mahan
1988Garland Bastin
1987Joseph Wright
1986Charles Mason
1985John Heick
1984Ray Mackey
1983Zack C. Saufley
1982S.J. Stokes, Jr.
1981Dr. Lindsey Horn, Jr.
1980Jack W. Buchanan
1979Bruce M. Pearce
1978W. Dale Scott
1977Lynwood Schrader
1976Alton R. Parsons
1975Carl Lamar
1974Louis F. Ison
1973Jack Scott
1972W.C. Montgomery
1971Harry M. Young
1970S.J. Stokes
1969Thomas R. Bryant
1968Hayden Timmons
1967Smith Broadbent, Jr.
1966Dr. Carsie Hammonds
1965Dr. Ralph Woods
1964Horace S. Cleveland
1963Burl S. St. Clair
1962Ernest L. Harris
1961John W. Koon & William C. Johnstone
1959E.P. Hilton
1958Louis Hillenmeyer, Jr.
1957Ben J. Butler
1956H.K. Gayle
1955Earl Mayhew

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