University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Outstanding Graduate Student Award Winners

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M.S. Students

2013Monica Fowler
2012Jerrod Penn
2011Gabriela Morello
2010Sarah L. Vanek
2009Emine Bayar
2008Donna L. Hancock
2007Jennifer Ringler
2006Michael Sama
2005David Hall
2004Angela H. Green
2003Amanda C. Staley
2002Mary-Grace C. Danao
2001Erin G. Wilkerson
2000David Held
1999Jane M. Patterson
1998Brian R. Kunkel

Ph. D. Students

2013Jonathan Larson
2012Michael Sama
2011Julie Peterson
2010Matthew P. Weand
2009Derrick Hammons
2008Christi Taylor-Edwards
2007R. Craig Stillwell
2006Janet Lensing
2005Grace Danao
2004Carmen T. Agouridis
2003John Jobe Cox
2002Michael E. Rogers
2000Eileen A. Eliason
1999 Lori Kay Warren
1998R. Chris Williamson

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