University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Outstanding Staff awards


Award recipients by year:

2012: Teresa Powell, Carl Redmond, Joe Kupper, David G. Smith, Marilyn Hooks, David "Lee" Rechtin

2011: Anne Jack, Jim Monegue, Marvin Redmon, Susan Hayes, Glen Weinberger, Phyllis Mattox, Angie Melton

2010: Marcia Farris, Michael Ford, Barbara Dunaway, Cheryl Stepp, Nathan Gray, Scott Kinison

2009: Yvonne Thompson, Suzann Smith, Bobby Orange, Cindy Stidham, Gene Olson, Ludmila Lapchyk

2008: Sharon Kester, Jan Childers, Darlene Thorpe, Judy Creech, Dr. Lisa Collins, Walter Hollin

2007: Dr. Len Harrison, Rebecca Shagool, Elizabeth Vice, Ted Hicks, Lynn Tudor, Scott Peek

2006: Barbara Smith, Charlotte Moss, Covetta Ramey, Ron Curd, Neil Fannin, Bobby Green

2005: Eugene Lacefield, Linda Inman, Susan Leopold, John Earnest, John James, Hilda Rogers

2004: James Neeley, Marcella Rucker, Ann Freytag, Lillie Thompson, Sandy Duff, Donnie Davis

2003: Dave Pilcher, Gwyn Ison, Christi Forsythe, Joe Wyles, Kevin Horn, and Milinda Hamilton

2002: Craig Locke, Kenneth Boll, Royce Burchett, Sue Haszler, Jim Calvert, Ruth Ring

2001: Darryl Cremeans, Bill Bruening, Carol VonLanken, Christopher McCarty, Linda Berry, Kay Cotton

2000: Winston Deweese, William Banister, June Johnston, Ann Norris, Billy Minton, Diane Furry

1999: Linda Millercox, David Held, Dorothy Call, Pat Tackett, Barbara Coughlin

1998: Mike Richey, Colleen Steele, Katherine Akers, Michael Peters, Jerry Ann Warmouth, Rita Parsons, Linda Forbes


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