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School of Human
Environmental Sciences

102 Erikson Hall,
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
tel: (859) 257-3887

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Family Sciences

Department Administration
Ronald Werner-Wilson

Ronald Werner-Wilson, Ph.D.
Chair, Family Sciences Department
Kathryn Louise Chellgren Endowed Professor for Research
Interim Director of Graduate Studies

(859) 257-7750
Jason HansJason Hans Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(859) 257-7761
Donna SmithDonna Smith Ph.D.
Associate Professor &
Director of Undergraduate Studies

(859) 257-7733


Robert H. FlashmanRobert H. Flashman, Ph.D.
Extension Professor

(859) 257-7758

Diana HalemanDiana Haleman Ed.D.

(859) 323-0064

Claudia J. HeathClaudia J. Heath Ph.D.

(859) 257-7737

Amy HosierAmy Hosier, Ph.D.
Assistant Extension Professor

(859) 257-1763

Jennifer HunterJennifer Hunter Ph.D.
Assistant Extension Professor

(859) 257-3290

Hyungsoo KimHyungsoo Kim Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(859) 257-7742

Trent ParkerTrent Parker Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(859) 257-2617

Ann VailAnn Vail Ph.D.
Director, School of HES; &
Assistant Director, FCS Extension

(859) 257-3887

Alexander T. VazsonyiAlexander T. Vazsonyi Ph.D.
John I. & Patricia J. Buster Endowed Professor
Professor of Psychology

(859) 257-9762

Tracy Werner-WilsonTracey Werner-Wilson
UK Family Center Director/Lecturer

(859) 257-7752

Nathan WoodNathan Wood Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(859) 257-7932


Emeritus Faculty

Greg BrockGreg Brock Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor


Affiliated Faculty

Fred DannerFred Danner Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Psychology

(859) 257-7878

Omar HatimOmar Hatim, MD, FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics

(859) 323-6426 ext 311

Janet S. KurzynskeJanet Kurzynske, Ph.D.
Extension Professor

(859) 257-9047

Stephanie StockburgerStephanie Stockburger, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

(859) 323-3841

John YozwiakJohn Yozwiak, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics



Adjunct Faculty

Ken Culp IIIKen Culp III, Ph.D.
Associate Professor &
Principal Extension Specialist

(859) 257-5961




Judy Kinnas

Judy Kinnas
Administrative Support Associate

(859) 257-7750

Alex LesueurAlex Lesueur
Staff Support Associate

(859) 257-7753

Gloria McCowan
Staff Support Associate

(859) 257-7750



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