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Master Publication List

Food and Nutrition

Maternal & Child Health

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.033Healthy Snacks for Preschoolers08/95 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.115How Sweet It Is07/98 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.116Shake Down on Sodium07/97 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.117The Skinny on Fat07/98 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.118Kids and Fiber07/98 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.128Milk Matters02/09 12/13Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.129Playing It Safe in the Kitchen03/99 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.131Nourishing a Sick Child03/99 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.132Family Meal Time03/99 12/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.152The Perils of Childhood Obesity03/01 Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-524 What Children Really Need02/99 Sandra BastinYES
 Home is Where the Health Is09/0809/12
Carole Gnatuk

Cultural Diversity in Foods.

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.005Spice Up Your Meals with Mexican Flavors10/93 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.026Exotic Fruits and Vegetables07/95 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.027Stir-Fry Cookery06/95 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.044Wild Game: From Field to Table07/0707/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.053High Protein Alternatives05/96 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.055Perfect Pasta Every Time04/12 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.064Great Grains09/96 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.076Cultural Diversity in Foods03/97 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.078Nuts: Flavorful & Good For You09/0709/11 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.079Cajun/Creole Cooking04/97 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.102Pies & Cobblers12/97 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.104The Healthful Soybean09/0709/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.142Kentucky Favorites: The Low Fat Way01/1001/14Sandra BastinYES

Adverse Reactions to Food

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JSK.075Do You Ever Get Funny With Food?05/9709/97Janet KurzynskeYES
 FN-SSB.049Adverse Reactions to Foods09/0709/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.207Living Wheat Free 08/05 Sandra Bastin


 FN-SSB.217Living Wheat Free Guidelines 08/05 Sandra Bastin YES

Food Preservation

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.085Recommended Food Storage: Cold & Dry09/0709/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.108Judging Preserved Foods  Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.109Home Canning Costs / Benefits Analysis  Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.110The Science of Jam & Jelly Making11/0411/08Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.136Jerky Safety08/0608/10Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-329 Canning Poultry, Red Meat and Fish 05/08Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-334 Home Freezing Basics 05/08Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-335 Freezing Vegetables 05/08Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-336 Freezing Fresh Fruits 05/08Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-501 Drying Foods at Home 05/08Sandra BastinYES
 Home Canning Basics
Debra Clouthier
FCS3-579 Home Canning Jams, Jellies, and Other Soft Spreads
Debra Clouthier
 Home Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products2/14
Debra ClouthierYES
FCS3-581 Home Canning Salsa
Debra ClouthierYES
 Home Canning Pickled and Fermented Foods
Debra Clouthier
FCS3-583 Home Canning Vegetables
Debra Clouthier
 Home Canning Fruit
6/146/18Debra Clouthier
IP-33 Making Cottage Cheese at Home 05/08Sandra BastinYES

General Food Preparation

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JLT.093Using the Old Bean 04/12 04/16Janet Tietyen YES
 FN-JLT.123Great Beginnings (appetizers)10/98 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-SSB.002Heat in Cooking 01/111/15Sandra Bastin YES
 FN-SSB.003Putting Your Crock Pot to Work04/9609/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.013Microwave Cooking for the College-Bound Student08/94 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.015Cookie Basics11/0511/09Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.016Cooking for One or Two 10/12
Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.019Mysteries of the Kitchen Revealed10/94 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.022Dinner on a Dollar01/95 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.025Edible Flowers 01/97Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.029Delicious Meals in a Minute09/0709/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.030Cheese Basics09/97 09/97Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.050Getting the Most From Your Bread Machine05/9609/07Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.069Soup & Salad10/96 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.070Soups of All Sorts (+LG)10/96 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.072Microwave Cooking02/97 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.095Make Ahead Meals09/0709/11Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.106Your Daily Bread: The Essential Ingredients02/98 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.106lgYour Daily Bread: The Essential Ingredients (Leaders Guide)02/98 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.113The Nutritive Value of Meat03/1103/15Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.160Cooking with Sugar Substitutes05/0805/12Sandra Bastin 


 FN-IRA.034Fun Family Mealtime 07/1007/14Ingrid Adams YES
 FN-AP.008 Mix-It-Up - 1-2-306/1106/15Janet Johnson, Tracy Thorton & Valerie Hudson YES
 FN-AP.009Mix-It-Up = Flavor Mixes06/1106/15Janet Johnson & Tracy Thorton YES

Kentucky Grown Foods

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
IP-58a Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- An Overview06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58b Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Building a Base06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58c Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Vegetables06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58d Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Fruits06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58e Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Dairy06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58f Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Protein Foods06/00 Janet Tietyen
IP-58g Food & Agriculture: Consumer Trends & Opportunities -- Fats, Oils & Sweets06/00 Janet Tietyen
 FN-SSB.156More Mushrooms, Please!09/0609/10Sandra Bastin

Food Safety

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.Contact
 FN-JSK.077Safe Handling of Flooded Foods03/9712/07Janet Kurzynske
 FN-SSB.011Guide to Microorganisms09/0709/11 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.085Recommended Food Storage Times05/9809/07Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.088Food Safety for Preschoolers09/96 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.101Occasional Cooking for a Crowd06/0706/11Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.105Safe Food To Go06/0706/11Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.112Who's Minding the Food Supply?07/9809/07 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.130Emergency Food Supplies - The MyPyramid Way01/0601/10Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.144Chemical Cuisine01/0009/07Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.155Food Safety for Travelers 06/0406/08Sandra Bastin
 FN-JSK.159Fruits and Vegetables: Food Safety10/0610/10 Janet Kurzynske

Eating For Health - Cancer

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.052Phytochemicals for Cancer Protection01/11 01/15Sandra BastinYES

Eating For Health

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-545 Environmental Pollutants and Nutrition - Nuts and Seeds07/1007/14Lisa GaetkeYES
FCS3-555 Probiotics: Friendly Bacteria12/1112/15Ingrid AdamsYES
Many Milks
Diane Mason
 Power-Up Your Vegetable Choices 07/12
Ingrid Adams
 Focus on Nutrien-Dense Foods and Beverages 07/12
Ingrid Adams
 Making Healthy Beverage Choices: WhatYou Don't KNow Can Hurt You
09/16Ingrid Adams
 Mindful Eating: Enjoying Food with All Your Senses
09/16Ingrid Adams
 MyPlate the Kentucky Way: Tools for Building a Healthy Plate 09/1209/16
Ingrid Adams
 Trans Fat - How to Keep It Low in Your Diet
Ingrid Adams
FCS3-564 The Gluten-Free Choice
01/17Janet Mullins

Eating For Health - Cardiovascular

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-DJF.124Heart Health11/98 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-DJF.124rHeart Health Recipes11/98 Janet TietyenYES

Eating For Health - Diabetes

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-529 The Wildcat Way To Wellness: Control Your Diabetes for Life08/01 Janet TietyenYES
FCS3-539 Understanding Diabetes6/106/14 Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-540 Managing Your Diabetes6/106/14 Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-541 Physical Activities and Diabetes6/106/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-542 Diabetes and Hemoglobin A1C6/106/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-543 Diabetes and Blood Pressure6/106/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-544 Diabetes and Cholesterol6/106/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-546 Carbohydrate Counting9/109/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-547 The Diabetes Food Pyramid9/109/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-548 Think Your Plate9/109/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-549 Diabetes and the Health Care Team11/1011/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-550 Diabetes and Foot Care11/1011/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-551 Monitoring Blood Glucose11/1011/14Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-556 Eating Healthy around the Holidays: For People with Diabetes12/1112/15Ingrid AdamsYES

Eating For Health - Chronic Diseases Risks

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.154Eating to Live... Not Living to Eat!01/1101/15Sandra BastinYES

Eating For Health - Healthy Food Preparation

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JSK.073Eating patterns05/97 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.001Adapting Recipes09/0609/10Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.032Dining Out in a Healthy Way03/0403/08Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.071Nutrition and Your Busy Lifestyle08/0608/10Sandra BastinYES

Family Mealtime

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-552  Family Mealtime: A Wealth of Benefits10/1110/15Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-553 Family Mealtime: Make it Happen10/1110/15Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-554 Nutrition for Busy Families10/1110/15Ingrid AdamsYES
 GettingChildren to Eat Vegetables: A Critical Thinking Approach 07.12
07/16Ingrid Adams

Increasing Powerhouse Vegetables

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-565 Get Pumped up for Potassium
05/1305/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-566 The Health Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables
05/1305/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-567 The Health Benefits of Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
05/1305/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-588 The Health Benefits of Tomato and Tomato Products
05/1305/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-569 The Health Benefits of Dark Yellow and Orange Vegetables
05/1305/17Ingrid AdamsYES

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Nutrients to Increase

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-570 Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D
09/1309/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-571 Fiber: Are you Bulking up the Benefits?
09/1309/17Ingrid AdamsYES
FCS3-572 Get Strong Bones with Calcium
09/1309/17Ingrid AdamsYES
 Hungry for Change: Getting More Nutrients in the American Diet
Ingrid Adams
 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Cholesterol
Ingrid Adams
FCS3-575 Reduce Saturated Fat in Your Diet09/13
Ingrid Adams

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Nutrients to Decrease

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-576 Staying of the SoFAS: Ways to Limit Solid Fats and Added Sugars
09/17Ingrid AdamsYES

Nutrition Basics

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JLT.138Nutrition 2000 for Men05/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.139Nutrition 2000 for Women05/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.140Nutrition 2000 for Successful Aging05/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.141Nutrition 2000: Foods for the 21st Century05/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.153Nutrition 2000: Dietary Guidelines for the New Millennium05/01 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.153lgNutrition 2000: Dietary Guidelines for the New Millennium05/01 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-SSB.158Trans Fats 10/0410/08Sandra Bastin YES
FCS3-528 Understanding the Food Label02/1002/14Ingrid Adams YES

Food Management Issues

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.146The Business of Catering01/00 Sandra BastinYES

Super Star Chef

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-SSB.900It's a Wash10/1110/15 Sandra Bastin YES
 FN-SBB.901It's All in the Recipe10/1110/15 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.902aHow to Hold a Knife10/1110/15Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.902cHow to Slice and Dice10/1110/15Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.902dHow to Dice an Onion10/1110/15Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.902eApple Bird Garnish10/1110/15Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.905Measuring Savvy10/1110/15Sandra BasinYES

Super Star Baking Chef - Kneads a little Dough

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
  FN-SSB.920Essential Ingredients12/1012/14 Sandra Bastin YES
  FN-SBB.921Types of Flour Used in Baking12/1012/14 Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.922The Art of Baking Bread12/1012/14Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.923Quick Breads12/1012/14Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.924Cookies12/1012/14Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.925Cakes12/1012/14Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.926Pies and Cobblers12/1012/14Sandra BasinYES
  FN-SSB.927Getting the Most from Your Bread Machine12/10 12/14Sandra Bastin YES

 Super Star Chef Goes to Farmers Market 

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
  FN-SSB-911A Visit to Farmers Market11/07 11/11 Sandra Bastin YES
  FN-SBB-912Safe Harvest11/0711/11 Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB-913The Edible Rainbow11/0711/11Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.914Versatile Vegetables11/0711/11Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.915Healthful Beginnings11/0711/11Sandra BastinYES
  FN-SSB.916Cooking with Herbs 11/0711/11Sandra BasinYES
  FN-SSB.917Thrill of the Grill11/07 11/11Sandra Bastin YES

Vitamins and Minerals

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.Contact
 FN-JLT.096Bone-Up on Calcium09/97 Janet Tietyen
 FN-SSB.006Preserving Vitamins in Foods02/00 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.028Minerals: A Condensed Summary06/95 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.028lgMinerals: A Condensed Summary Leaders Guide06/95 Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.084Herbal Remedies - Therapeutic or Fraudulent09/0509/08Sandra Bastin
 FN-SSB.084lgHerbal Remedies - Therapeutic or Fraudulent Leaders Guide07/98 Sandra Bastin
  Do You Know Where Your Nutrients Are? 05/0405/08 Sandra Bastin

Weight Management Issues

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JSK.068Selling the Perfect Body05/9712/07 Janet KurzynskeYES
 FN-JSK.073Eating Patterns05/9712/07Janet KurzynskeYES
 FN-JSK.075Do You Ever Get Funny with Food?09/9712/07Janet KurzynskeYES
 FN-SSB.119Fad Diets03/04 Sandra BastinYES
 FN-SSB.145Eating Disorders04/00 Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-105 Non-Nutritive Sweeteners02/9409/97 Sandra BasinYES

Skills for Success

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JLT.120The Value of Extension Food and Nutrition Programs10/98 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.121Guide to Food and Nutrition Programs10/9801/00Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.122Evaluating Extension Food and Nutrition Programs10/98 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.133Kentucky Kitchens - Sharing Your Skills04/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.134Kentucky Kitchen Kits04/99 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.143Kentucky Kitchens - Holiday Help for the Hungry04/00 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.143lgKentucky Kitchens - Holiday Help for the Hungry Leaders Guide04/00 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.148Kentucky Kitchens - Tea Time04/00 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-JLT.148lgKentucky Kitchens - Tea Time Leaders Guide04/00 Janet TietyenYES
 FN-SSB.157Cooking with Less... 08/04 Sandra Bastin YES

Wildcat way to Wellness (WWW)

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
 FN-JLT.135LGWildcat Way to Wellness: Leader Guide05/99 Janet TietyenYES
99W005 Wildcat Way to Wellness: CATSkills for Better Health05/99 Janet Tietyen
FCS3-525 Wildcat Way to Wellness: Getting More From Dietary Supplements06/00 Sandra BastinYES
FCS3-527 Wildcat Way to Wellness: Kentucky Food Heritage05/99 Janet TietyenYES
FCS3-528 Wildcat Way to Wellness: Kentucky Farms & Foods (+lg)05/99 Janet TietyenYES
FCS3-529 The Wildcat Way To Wellness: Control Your Diabetes for Life08/01 Janet TietyenYES
FCS3-530 The Wildcat Way to Wellness: Water, The Liquid of Life11/01 Kim HenkenYES

Weight the Reality Series - Becoming Weight Wise

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FCS3-526 Build Your Strength01/10 Janet MullinsYES
FCS3-534 Design Your Plan01/10 Janet MullinsYES
FCS3-535 Why We Eat What We Eat01/10 Janet MullinsYES
FCS3-536 Bodies in Motion01/10 Janet MullinsYES
FCS3-537 Feeling Good About Food01/10 Janet MullinsYES


FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
BREI-3 Food Biotechnology9/00  YES
BREI-3TG Food Biotechnology Teaching Guide9/00  YES

Clover Cat Way To Wellness

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
4IB-01LO The Clover Cat Way To Wellness - Teaching Guide9/02 Janet Tietyen
4IB-01PO The Clover Cat Way To Wellness - Introductory9/02 Janet Tietyen
4IB-02PO The Clover Cat Way To Wellness - Intermediate9/0209/08Janet Tietyen
4IB-03PO The Clover Cat Way To Wellness - Advanced9/0209/08Janet Tietyen
FCS3-533 Growing Healthy Kids in Kentucky9/0209/08Janet Tietyen

Vegetables for Wellness

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.ContactPDF
FSHE-1 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Winter Squash and Pumpkin8-93 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-4 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Corn5-01 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-6 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Peas3-02 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-7 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Broccoli5-01 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-9 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Cabbage3-01 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-10 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Tomatoes3-01 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-11 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Cucumbers3-02 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-12 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Potatoes8-93 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-16 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Blueberries9-94 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-17 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Asparagus4-01 Sandra Bastin
FSHE-18 Vegetables for Wellness: Kentucky Greens5-01 Sandra Bastin


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