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Master Publication List

Nutrition Education Program Publications

Nutrition Education Program Curriculum Publications

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.Contact
NEP-200 Basic Keys to Food Preparation2/12 2/16 Diana Drury 


NEP-201 My Plate: Steps to a Healthier You3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-201A What Counts as One Serving? 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-201B Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?
Jackie Walters
NEP-201C My Plate Worksheet 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-201D  Empty Calories 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-201FG Steps to a Healthier You: Facilitator's Guide 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-202 Grains Group: Make Half Your Grains Whole 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-202A The Plains of Grains 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-202FG Grains Group: Facilitator's Guide 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-203 Vegetable Group: Vary your Veggies 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-203A Add Variety 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-203FG Vegetable Group: Facilitator's Guide 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-204 Fruit Group: Focus on Fruit 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-204A Best Buys 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-204B Fruit it Up 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-204FG Fruit Group: Facilitator's Guide 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-205 Meat and Beans Group: Go Lean with Protein 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-205A How Much is Enough? 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-205B Are You Prepared? 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-205FG Meat and Beans Group: Facilitator's Guide 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-206 Milk Group: Get Your Calcium-Rich Foods! 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-206A Stretch your Dairy Dollars 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-206B Boning Up on Calcium 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-206C When Dairy is a Problem 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-206FG Milk Group: Facilitator's Guide 11/06 Jackie Walters
NEP-207 Oils and Empty Calories: Know the Limits on Fats, Sugars and Salt (Sodium) 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-207A Oils 3/12
Jackie Walters
NEP-207B Solid Fats and Added Sugars (SoFAS): Know the Limits 3/12
Jackie Walters
NEP-207C Empty Calories: Know the Limits on Salt (Sodium) 3/13
Jackie Walters
NEP-207FG Oils and Empty Calories Facilitator's Guide 3/123/16
Jackie Walters
NEP-208 A Guide to Planning Meals that Meet the Family's Needs10/07 

Jackie Walters

NEP-208a Menu Planning10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-208b Menu Planner and Shopping List10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-208fg Menu Planning Facilitator's Guide10/0710/11Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-209 Label Power06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-209a Label Claims06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-209b Nutrition Facts Label06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-209fg Label Power Facilitator's Guide06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-210 Plan for Food Spending10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-210a Not Enough Money?10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-210fg Plan for Food Spending Facilitator's Guide10/0710/11Jackie WaltersYES 
NEP-211 Keeping Food Safe to Eat10/07 Jackie WaltersYES


 Ten Ways to Fight Food Spoilers10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-211b  Cleaning Up10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-211c Meaty Tips10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-211d Canning for Food Preservation10/07 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-211fg Keeping Food Safe to Eat Facilitator's Guide10/0710/11Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212 A Weighty Problem?11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212a Lighten Up!11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212b Normal Blood Pressure11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212c Diabetes11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212d Cardiovascular Disease11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-212e Physical Activity11/0811/12Jackie Walters YES
NEP-212fg Healthlines Facilitator's Guide11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-213 Feeding Children: A Parent's Guide06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-213a Feeding Children: How Much is Enough?06/0906/13Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-213b For Growing Bones: Which Milk?06/0906/13Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-213c Food Allergies and Your Child06/0906/13Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-213e Breastfeeding12/0912/13 Diana DruryYES
NEP-213fg Feeding Children Facilitator's Guide06/0906/13Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-214 Breakfast Makes a Difference10/0711/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-214fg Breakfast Makes a Difference Facilitator's Guide10/0710/11Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-215 Iron in Your Diet06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES 
NEP-215fg Iron in Your Diet Facilitator,s Guide 06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES 
NEP-216 Fiber11/0811/12Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-216fg Fiber Facilitator's Guide11/0811/12 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-217 Water06/0906/13 Jackie WaltersYES
NEP-218 Caffeine06/0906/13Jackie WaltersYES
 EFNEP-11Folic Acid01/04 Jackie Walters


FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.Contact
 NEP-LZM-200Gift of Food 11/04  
 NEP-SSB-101Menu Ideas for Spring    
 NEP-JRW-10Dry Milk    
 NEP-JRW-11Sugar Alcohols 09/0909/13Jackie Walters


 NEP-JRW-12Overview of B Vitamins09/0909/13Jackie Walters


  Surviving in a Fast Food Nation09/0809/12 Jackie WaltersYES
  Guide to Kentucky's Fresh Vegetables04/0704/11 Sarah Brandl YES 

Kentucky Recipe Cards

FCS #Internal #TitleDateRev.Contact
  Kentucky Apples - Apple Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Apples - Apple Betty 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Asparagus - Asparagus Quiche 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Beets - Summer Beet Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Blueberries - Blueberry Sauce 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Blueberries - Blueberry Muffins 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Broccoli - Creamy Broccoli Soup 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Broccoli - Broccoli Cornbread 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Broccoli - Broccoli Salad Supreme 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Brussels Sprouts - Brussels Sprouts with Spinach Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Brussels Sprouts - Brussels Sprouts with Onion Butter 02/06 Pam Sigler

  Kentucky Cabbage - Cabbage Au Gratin 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Cabbage - Cole Slaw 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Cabbage - Cabbage Pecan Toss 02/06 Pam Sigler

  Kentucky Cauliflower - Cheese Cauliflower 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Cauliflower - Cauliflower Casserole 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Cherries - Fresh Cherry Smoothie 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Corn - Zucchini and Corn Sauté 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Corn - Corn and Bacon Spoonbread 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Corn - Corn Relish 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Corn - Fried Corn 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Cucumber - Dilled Cucumber Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Eggplant - Eggplant Parmesan 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Eggplant - Eggplant Jambalaya 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Green Beans - Green Beans, Carrots, and Celery 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Green Beans - Garlic Green Beans 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Greens - Kale and Potato Gratin 07/01 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Greens - Pasta with Spinach and Chicken 07/01 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Lima Beans - Broccoli-Lima Bean Bake 07/01 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Lima Beans - Spanish Lima Beans v Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Melons - Watermelon Smoothie 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Okra - Okra Scramble 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Okra - Fried Okra 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Onions - Sauteed Onions and Apples 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Peaches - Cinnamon Peach Crisp 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Peaches - Peach Yogurt Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Peas - Layered Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Peas - Creamed Peas02/06 Pam Sigler

  Kentucky Green Peppers - Pepper Steak 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Green Peppers - Fiesta Grilled Peppers 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Potatoes - Vegetable Potato Salad 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Potatoes - Oven-Fried Potatoes 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Potatoes - Tex-Mex Stuffed Potatoes 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Raspberries and Blackberries - Berry Muffins 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Raspberries and Blackberries - Berry Cobbler 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Rhubarb - Rhubarb Strawberry Topping 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Rhubarb - Rhubarb Crisp 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Shiitake Mushrooms - Stuffed Mushrooms 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Shiitake Mushrooms - Sautéed Mushrooms 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Strawberries - Strawberry Lemonade 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Strawberries - Freezer Jam 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Summer Squash - Summer Squash Casserole 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Summer Squash - Oven-Fried Squash 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Sweet Potatoes - Kentucky Sweet Potato Pie 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Tomatoes - Fresh Tomato Sauce 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Winter Squash - Citrus Squash 02/06 Pam Sigler
  Kentucky Winter Squash - Glazed Butternut Squash with Carrots and Turnips06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Winter Squash - Chocolate Pumpkin Snack Cake06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Tomatoes - Bruschetta06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Tomatoes - Fresh Tomatoes and Pasta06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Sweet Potatoes - Baked Apples and Sweet Potatoes06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Summer Squash - Zucchini and Parmesan Squares06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Green Beans - Balsamic Green Beans06/09  Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Eggplant - Eggplant Snack Sticks06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Brussels Sprouts - Brussels Sprouts and Carrots06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Cucumber - Cucumber Spread - Marinated Dressed Cucumbers06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Beets - Roasted Root Vegetables06/09  Sarah Brandl 
  Kentucky Asparagus - Asparagus and Pasta06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
  Kentucky Apples - Baked Apples and Sweet Potatoes06/09 Sarah Brandl  YES
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