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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAT 490?
MAT 490 is a required 6-credit/ 9-credit (international internship) hour course called internship.

When is MAT 490 offered?
MAT 490 is only offered during the 8 week summer session.

When should MAT Majors take MAT 490?
MAT 490 may be taken after end of junior or senior year.

What are the prerequisites for MAT 490?
Prerequisites for MAT 490 are- GEN 401 or MAT 340 and junior or senior standing permit only. Type of internship is approved by the department.

Does student have to enroll for 6-credit hours only for MAT 490?
MAT 490 is offered as a 6-credit hour course and cannot be split and taken for 3-credit hours. If the student is approved to do an international internship the student can enroll for MAT 490 for 9 credit hours

Does every student have to find his or her own internship? 
All students are expected to find their own internship but are assisted by the internship co-coordinator in their internship search. Each fall semester the internship coordinator creates a listserv consisting of students who plan to intern the following summer. Various internship postings are distributed via this listserv. Students can also access the internship contacts file in the department containing company contacts for possible internships. Locations for internships can be local, national or international.  

What else can a student do to search for internships?

  • Enroll in Cybercat at the James Stuckert Career Center on campus to get access to internships/job postings of companies that plan to come to campus.
  • Attend campus career fair
  • Use internet career websites such as: , , and company websites where you wish to intern.  

When should students begin looking for an internship site?
Students should begin looking for and arranging their internship from start of spring semester. It is expected that the student should get their resumes and cover letter in order during the earlier fall semester. MAT 340 helps students prepare these documents. 

I have secured an internship what do I do next?

  • Enroll in MAT 490 fo8-week summer session for 6-credit hours
  • Contact the internship coordinator and get your internship approved and pick up the internship packet containing internship contract and syllabus.
  • Return the signed internship contract to the coordinator by end of spring semester.
  • Start your internship at the planned day
  • All class material/assignments will be available online via blackboard.
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