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Internship in Family Sciences

As a part of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Family Sciences, undergraduate students complete an internship (FAM 499).  The internship requirement allows students to take knowledge gained into the classroom out to an employment setting and gain new knowledge and skills.  Profiles of current or previous placements are included on this page.

FAM99 Internship Opportunities

FAM 499 Student Profiles: Spring 2009

Rhonda Rummel
The Nest

Quote: "I really enjoy my time spent at The Nest.  The agency does an incredible job providing services, making community referrals, and locating resources for its needy clients.  I'm learning to apply information and skills from my courses, and gaining  valuable insight from the staff."
Rhonda Rummel (FAM 499 Internship)The Nest



Whitney Dodson
Fayette County Cooperative Extension Service

"I enjoy working with the Extension Agent to teach programs about health and nutrition to various businesses and schools.  I have learned that Extension is a great way to reach out to your community."

Whitney Dodson IntershipDodson Internship Location

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