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2009 News

Three HES Departments now in University Scholars Program

All three of the master’s programs in the School of Human Environmental Sciences (HES) are now a part of the University Scholars Program. This program, which integrates undergraduate and graduate courses of study into a single continuous curriculum, is offered to highly motivated and gifted UK students who wish to further their educational experience. Upon graduation, the student will receive both a baccalaureate and a master's degree in their chosen field of study.

The total number of hours for the combined program may be as many as 12 hours less than the total required for the bachelor's and the master's degrees separately. “About half of our masters students at any given time are our undergraduate students, so this helps those undergrads who want to get a master's degree to jump ahead,” said Kim Miller-Spillman, director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles (MAT).

The MAT department prepares its students for positions in the retail industry such as buying, store management, visual merchandising, customer relations, and personnel. Graduates have also pursued careers in the textile industry, apparel manufacturing, wholesaling, and other areas of the retail industry. MAT students are encouraged to participate in industry sponsored research projects, and internships are a required component of the program, sometimes leading to permanent employment.

The Department of Family Studies offers programs for students preparing to work with individuals and families in various settings, including schools, private and public human agencies, and businesses. "This is an exciting opportunity for our highly qualified students to earn a master's degree," said Ron Werner-Wilson, chair of the Family Studies department. Family science emphasizes the role intimate and family relations play in shaping human experiences, and students learn about issues such as marriage and relationship dynamics, parent-child relations, the relational processes of divorce, stepfamilies, sexuality, child and human development, managing family resources, and family conflict and violence.

The Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) Department has a multidisciplinary approach to nutrition, dietetics, food systems, health related sciences, and hospitality and tourism management, with the purpose of improving the well being of individuals, families, and communities. Faculty members in the department engage in a broad range of research in obesity, diabetes, community nutrition, food safety, antioxidants, consumer food patterns, hospitality marketing, consumer trends, and information technology.

Application for the University Scholars program is made during an undergraduate’s junior year. Criteria include both credit hour and GPA requirements. For more information on the University Scholars program and its criteria (only selected students may qualify), please visit .

The School of Human Environmental Sciences (HES) at the University of Kentucky is a leader in improving the quality of life of individuals and families in Kentucky, the region, and the nation through rigorous academic programs, state-of-the-art research, community-driven extension, and engagement opportunities. For more information on HES or any of the programs listed above, please visit

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