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Meet Our Students

Autumn Abraham

2010 School of Human Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Student of Distinction (The highest honor in the School)

Post-graduation plans:  Physical Therapy School at the University of Kentucky

Hometown: Florence, Kentucky (Larry A. Ryle High School)

Why did you choose UK? In the beginning, I selected UK simply because of the full academic scholarship I had received after completing the Governor's Scholar Program in high school. However, I quickly made a home away from home in the Wildcat community and realized that the University of Kentucky is an undeniable facilitator of excellence. This institution is built upon producing positive futures for its students. From Merit Weekend as an incoming freshman to "Resumania" as a senior, the opportunities for advancement in one's student career as well as one's career following graduation are truly endless at UK.

When did you start the HUNU major? I declared the HUNU major halfway through the spring semester of my sophomore year.

Why did you choose HUNU? Besides my still-growing interest in nutrition, I was very impressed with the pre-professional options surrounding the HUNU major. Having always known I wanted to attend graduate school for a career in health sciences, but not knowing exactly which career I possessed the most interest in (Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Physician's Assistant, etc.) made the HUNU major a perfect fit for me. Courses including those in anatomy, physiology, statistics, biology, and chemistry are required by both HUNU and the majority of pre-professional programs. Due to this convenient overlap, I was still able to graduate in four years while meeting UK's graduation requirements, HUNU's requirements, the Pre-Physical Therapy curriculum, and completing the Honors Program, despite declaring HUNU in the spring of my sophomore year.

How do you think a HUNU degree will help you in your professional endeavors? As a future professional in the health field, my knowledge of sound nutritional interventions and guidance attained from earning a HUNU degree may aid in the recuperation and overall well-being of my patients. In the future, I also plan to become a Registered Dietitian in addition to a practicing Physical Therapist, not only to further benefit my future patients but also to help combat the obesity epidemic plaguing this country. 

What advice do you have for students new to the HUNU major? Firstly, do not be intimidated by the chemistry courses! They are but a minor part in your course curriculum, and the information you will relate to the field of nutrition makes organic chemistry seem a little less foreign! Second, introduce yourself to your professors-you will have many of them for more than just one class. The HUNU professors are known to be very approachable and helpful; communicate with and use them as resources! Lastly, get to know other students within the HUNU major-you will be assigned many group projects towards your senior year!

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