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2009 - 2010 Undergraduate Research in Nutrition and Food Science

Food choices made by elementary students in a Kentucky school during breakfast and lunch compared to their socioeconomic status. by Shira Abernathy

The effects of spring break on physical activity levels among college students:  A comparative analysis between self-reported pre-spring break and post-spring break physical activity levels. by Autumn Abraham

Nutritional education content to help reduce weight in obese subjects. by Aaron Barnes

The Relationship Between Nutrient Intake and the Incidence of Injuries in Female Collegiate Athletes. by Courtney Belden

The Correlation between Stress and Unhealthy Food Choices in College Females by Katelyn Brough

The Effects of Regular Physical Activity on the Grade Point Averages of College Students. by Courtney Butler

The effects of late night eating on body weight in college students. by Rachel Clark

Spending habits of college students at supermarkets and restaurants. by Cynthia Cockerham

Correlation between beverage intake patterns and body weight. by Erika Contasti

Fruit and vegetable consumption of college women. by Sarah Drake

Dietary Supplements and their Affects on Weight Loss in Relation to Physical Activity in Undergraduate Females at the University of Kentucky. by Holli Dunn

Exergaming - usage and efficacy in promoting health on a college campus. by Scott Elliott

Oral health behavior of young adults and its effects on dental caries. by Kyle Golibersuch

The relationship between caffeine consumption and a student's GPA. by Amy Gonnella

Correlation between Caffeine Consumption and Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease. by Emily Hayman

Usage and nutritional side effects of Adderall on two University campuses. by Lindsay Hubbard 

The Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Intake on BMI and Feeling of Well Being. by Aaron Jones

The Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup on Body Weight in College Students. by Joanna Kasper

Correlation between Soda Consumption, BMI and Knowledge of the Effects of High-Fructose Corn Syrup in College Students. by Emily Lippard

Effects of smoking on the body mass index of college students. by Abbas Malik

Breakfast intake in college and high school students. by Kirby Mayer

Correlation between a college student's amount of exercise and their utilization of group fitness at the University of Kentucky. by Lindsey Mayes

The effects of skipping meals on undergraduate college students. by Courtney McDonald

Correlation between the Consumption of Alcohol and Late Night Food Intake. by Eric Oberst

Marijuana has limited effects on BMI and physical activity in college students. by Katie Oster

The correlation between carbonated beverage consumption, dietary selections, and weight gain. by Noon Parnichyakorn

The relationship between alcohol intake. by Daniel Pierce

The correlation between late night eating and weight gain in college students. by Emily Reeves

The correlation between multivitamin use and fruit and vegetable intake. by Angela Siriphokha

The relationship between owning a pet, physical activity and well-being. by Nikita Tailor

Correlation between stimulant drug usage, GPA and dietary intake. by Susan Wofford

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