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2011 News

2011 Thesis & Dissertation List


Family Sciences

  • Blackburn, Kristyn.  (2011). The Effect of Client Self-Disclosure on the Physiological Arousal of the Therapist.  Parker, T., Chair.
  • Compton, Laura M.  (2011). Knowledge and Acknowledgment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Effects on Military Couples.  Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.
  • Flannery, Sarah M.  (2011). An Evaluation of the Home is Where the Health Is Project.  Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.
  • Rorer, Alisha.  (2011). Intergenerational Patterns of Fatherhood Roles and Relationships in Black Fathers and Sons.  Wood, N., Chair.
  • Shalash, Fatimah.  (2011). Sibling Conflict Resolution Styles and Marital Conflict Resolution Styles.  Wood, N., Chair.
  • Smith, Lauren.  (2011). A Qualitative Inquiry into Understanding the Experience of Wilderness Family Therapists.  Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.

Nutrition and Food Science

  • Arnett, Alicia.  (2011). Chronic Health Conditions of Individuals in Public Housing.  Forsythe, H., Chair.
  • Boyee, Jennifer.  (2011). Practice and Application of Knowledge by Nutrition Students.  Forsythe, H., Chair.
  • Hagan, Kara.  (2011).  Breast Cancer Trends among Kentucky Women, 2004-2007.  Webber, K., Chair.
  • Patel, Sheena.  (2011). The Healthy Monday Campaign: Health Awareness in Elementary Schools.  Webber, K., Chair.
  • Pruett, Phil.  (2011). Measuring the Impact of Built Environment on Physical Activity in Kentucky Counties.  Webber, K., Chair.
  • Wong, Feai-Voon.   (2011). The Association Between Emotional Intelligence, Body Mass Index and Eating Behaviors among College Students.  Webber, K., Chair.

Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles

  • Ferrell, Erika.  (2011). Consumer's Motivation for Purchasing Fair Trade Clothing.  Lee, M-Y., Chair.
  • Lucas, Carly.  (2011). How and Why Generation Y and Baby Boomer Consumers Use Fashion Brands' Social Media.  Wesley, S., Chair.
  • McCown, Chelsea.  (2011).  Balenciaga: Techniques and Designs to Inspire a New Garment.  Michelman, S., Chair.
  • Piester, Sarah.  (2011). Issues in Expanding Access to University Costume Collections.  Michelman, S., Chair.
  • Trenkamp, Stacy.  (2011).  Post Use Analysis of Fire Fighter Turnout Gear - Phase II.  Easter, E., Chair.


Dissertations (Family Sciences)

  • Bradley, Linda.  (2011). Inter-Generational and Intra-Generational Analysis of the Interactions between Financial Socialization, Family Composition, and Financial Outcomes.  Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.
  • Shipley, Ahlishia J'Nae.  (2011). An Exploratory Study of Intimate Relationship Socialization Among Black Collegiate Women.  Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.
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