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 Kentucky Natives: Actaea racemosa

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Actaea racemosa

Actaea racemosa, Black Cohosh was known as Cimifuga racemosa. I have chosen to accept, somewhat reluctantly, the new name because of Allan M. Armitage's saying "Let's get with the program" in his Herbaceous Perennial Plants 3rd Edition. It is a beautiful plant in foliage, flower, and fruit. It is available in the nursery/landscape trade but until my last attempt I have not had good luck growing it. I have bloomed it twice; some years ago in an open feild in full sun where after having scorched foliage it left me and in a native plant flower bed at the UKREC, Princeton, KY where the foliage looks great. Below is a recent bloom image taken of the UKREC plant in flower. and to the right is an image taken years ago "by the side of the road".

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