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 Kentucky's Theodore Klein Plant Award 2014

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Cornus ‘KN30-8’ Venus® - Venus dogwood TKPA 2014

Cornus ‘KN30-8’ Venus® - Venus dogwood PP 16,309

Venus dogwood has the largest bloom of any of Dr. Elwin Orton's hybrid dogwood introductions. Venus Dogwood is a very popular selling plant in Europe thanks to the efforts of Wolfgang Eberts, who presented Venus Dogwood at the Chelsea Flowers show where it won a Gold Medal. The plant blooms precociously in the production container and the landscape before most cultivars and seedlings. The large blooms and the large number of blooms make for a striking spring display. It has become common in the nursery trade. It is known for dense foliage and branching. Mike Dirr lists it as a backcross of (C. kousa x C. nuttallii) x C. kousa. Win Dunwell has one in his yard that has performed very well compared to dozens of naturally occuring seedlings and 'Cherokee Princess' which is known for large blooms.


Deborah Silver blog: Dirt Simple: the observations of a landscape designer - At A Glance: The Venus Dogwood


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