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January 3, 2018



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Tennessee Boxwood and Sweetbox quarantine; a report from Senior Nursery Inspector, Joe Collins.
At the request of the production nurseries of Tennessee, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture has implemented a boxwood blight quarantine that will become effective February 4, 2018. This WILL impact any KY nurseries that ship (Buxus spp.) boxwoods and/or (Sarcococca spp.) sweetbox to TN.

There are several steps that KY nurseries will need to take before they can resume shipments to TN. First, they will need to become enrolled in a boxwood blight cleanliness program which will be administered through the State Entomologist’s Office. This program is aimed at prevention of the disease and is based upon 6 key steps: exclusion, water management, sanitation, inspection, training and recordkeeping. More information about the cleanliness program can be found at http://www.uky.edu/Ag/NurseryInspection/pdf/boxwood blight cleanliness program.pdf The next step is that each load of boxwoods going to TN will require a state phytosanitary certificate which is issued by the State Entomologist’s Office.¬†Currently there is no charge for these certificates. Lastly, nurseries that ship boxwoods to TN will be required to notify TN Dept. of Ag three days prior to the estimated shipment of the plants.
This quarantine applies to all boxwood and sweetbox (container, B&B, liners, plugs etc). KY nurseries that ship boxwood and sweetbox to TN should contact Joe Collins (joe.collins@uky.edu or 859.218.3341) for more information. It is important to not wait until the last minute to finalize all the details. The boxwood blight cleanliness program may require a site visit by an inspector prior to enrolling in the program and state phytosanitary certificates may require several days to generate.
To see Tennessee Information go to https://www.tn.gov/agriculture/businesses/ag-businesses-plants/plant-pests--diseases-and-quarantines/boxwood.html


February is time to set out your Ambrosia Beetle Traps! While it is cold is a good time to service or build your traps. See Dr. Zenaida Viloria’s trap building article at http://j.tinyurl.com/zxp7hwk

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