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Kentucky Native Plants with Landscape Potential

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Kentucky Native Plants with Landscape Potential

This UK Nursery Crops Development Center site is to discuss Kentucky Native Plants with Landscape potential. Some have already become popular plants in landscapes; the use of others has been limited for one reason or another. It is hoped that those who read the native plant pages will e-mail Winston Dunwell, Extension Professor - Nursery Crops with their experiences and observations of native plants in the landscape.
See Tom Barnes blog for some great images and information:

Resources (books)


Apios americana, Groundnut

Asarum canadense, wild ginger

Arisaema dracontium - Green Dragon

Baptisia australis – false indigo

Bignonia capreolata - Cross Vine

Cephalanthus occidentalis - common buttonbush

Frasera caroliniensis - American Colombo

Hymenocallis caroliniana [formerly H. occidentalis] (L.) Herbert - Carolina spiderlily

Lindera benzoin - Spicebush

Nyssa sylvatica - Black Gum

Polemonium reptans, Jacob’s ladder

Quercus phellos, Willow Oak

Spigelia marilandica - Indian Pink

Trillium recurvatum, recurved trillium

Resources (see Ornamental and Environmental Horticulture Books: book reviews and descriptions):

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