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KY Nursery Crops Programs & Resources 2012

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KY Nursery Crops Programs & Resources 2012

UK Nursery Crops Educational Programs and Resources 2012

UK Nursery Lean (efficiency/sustainable) Production Program. February 29, 2012. Lyndon City Hall, 15 Wood Road, Lyndon, KY 40222. Contact: Sarah Vanek, 859.257.1273; e-mail, .

UK Nursery Crops IPM Diagnostics Workshop. June 14, 2012. Trimble County Extension Office, 43 High Country Lane, Bedford, KY and Kenton Abrams Nursery, 8206 North Highway 421, Milton, KY. Contact: Christi Forsythe, 270.365.7541 x 221; e-mail, or Win Dunwell, 270.261.9467; e-mail,; program and registration TBA. Speakers: Dr. Amy Fulcher, UT Professor for Nursery Crops, Dr. Nicole Ward, UK Plant Pathologist, Sarah Vanek, UK Nursery Crops Extension Associate.

UK Nursery Crops Resources

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Kentucky Nursery Listserve - Sarah Vanek
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Kentucky Nursery Listserve - Sarah Vanek’s postings

UK Nursery Crops Group


Winston C. Dunwell, UK Professor - Nursery Crops
UKREC, 1205 Hopkinsville St, Princeton, KY 42445
Mobile: 270.261.9467
Ph.: 270.365.7541 x 209
Fax: 270.365.2667

Dewayne L. Ingram, Professor
UK Horticulture Department
N-308F Ag Science North
Lexington, KY 40546-0091
Ph.: 859.257.8903

CareyGrable_QRcode.jpgCarey Grable
Extension Associate for Nursery Crops
UKREC, P.O. Box 469 - Princeton, KY 42445
Ph.: 270.365.7541 Ext. 279
Fax: 270.365.2667

Sarah J. Vanek
Extension Associate for Nursery Crop Production
University of Kentucky
N308 Agriculture Science Center North
Lexington, KY 40546-0091
Ph. 859.257.1273

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