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Sarah J. Vanek, Extension Associate for Nursery Crop Production

University of Kentucky, N308 Agriculture Science Center North, Lexington, KY 40546-0091


e-mail, sarah.vanek@uky.edu


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120524 IPMPro

120521 Cottony Scales

120518 Greater Peachtree Borer

120509 Calico Scale, Bagworm, Japanese Maple Scale

120423 Rose Slug

120409 Boxwood and Birch Leaf Miners

120406 Clearwing Borer Traps

120327 Disease Management Guide
120316 Early Mites and Others
120308 Maple Shoot Borer

120124 Lean Makes Green Nursery Program, Registration & Map

111218 Save This Date - February 29, 2012

110829 Kentucky Farm Start

110803_Bacterial Leaf Scorch

110728 - Gregarious Caterpillars

110722 - 2nd Peach Tree Borer, Obscure Scale, Pine Needle Scale

110715 - Mites, Grass, Bagworms

110629 - Insect Names

110628 - Japanese Beetles

110622 - Phenology

110620 - Asian Longhorned Beetle

110615 - Borers, Scale, etc

110531 - Sarah Vanek Listserve Invite, Sarah Introduction, Nursery Pests