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LNA 2009 September Plant of the Month

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Tsuga canadensis 'Scotty Perry'

Tsuga canadensis 'Scotty Perry' - Scotty Perry Hemlock is a plant the late Theodore Klein of Yew Dell Nursery, Crestwood, KY, now Yew Dell Gardens, got from Don Shadow, Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN. Chris Summers, conifer grafter and propagator, Chris Summers Nursery and Landscape, 6702 Old Zaring Rd, Crestwood, KY 40014, 502.241.5818, took cuttings of it while Theodore was still alive. Theodore had told him it rooted 100% and it did. Theodore dug up the plants he had in shade and moved them to full sun where Chris reported they struggled a bit then survived. Chris' plants in the nursery field are 10-12 years old see image below. The plants are a compact, even dwarf form, that is fairly uniform in size and has a very attractive layered appearance. Tsuga candensis 'Sargentii' is a faster growing and more open loose architectural form of Hemlock that was also discussed by Chris Summers as a good performing Tsuga in Kentucky (image below T. c. 'Scotty Perry').

Tsuga canadensis 'Scotty Perry'

Tsuga candensis 'Sargentii'

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