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Vision and Mission

The vision of the Kentucky Consortium for Community Leadership is to have a more holistic vision for leadership development across the state of Kentucky.

More specifically, the KCCL is designed to provide appropriate leadership training for tomorrow’s community leaders as well as the structure needed to connect the network of leadership development programs to make for a more viable community, county and state.





Encourage. Empower. Engage.

The overall mission of the KCCL program can be exemplified through three objectives:

  1. To provide a hub/connection point for a diversity of community leadership resources for community members and leaders;
  2. To provide a connection network between the county, regional and state-wide leadership development programs across the state of KY; and
  3. To bring appropriate and useful leadership development for community members and leaders that addresses the complexities that today’s communities face.

The overall goal of the Kentucky Consortium for Community Leadership is to encourage leadership development for individuals, to empower community members to work together and ultimately to encourage people to become civically engaged within their communities – for a better tomorrow.