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Dr. Orlando Chambers
Tobacco Production Agronomics

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Dr. Chambers received his Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky in agricultural economics. The emphasis of his research was on policy modeling in the tobacco industry. Dr. Chambers previously worked for three years with Dr. Will Snell examining the impacts of the 1985 Tobacco Improvement Act.

The goal of the KTRDC Tobacco Production Agronomics project is to develop tobacco varieties and production systems for the efficient production of novel materials in genetically engineered plants. Tobacco variety development, novel production systems such as machine harvesting and close-grown production, as well as the economics of efficient production systems are included. In addition, this program field tests transgenic plants that are developed by KTRDC scientists and through collaborative efforts with PMP companies.

machine harvesting of tobacco crop
Rich Mundell and Robert Spitaleri harvest tobacco biomass at the U.K. Spindletop Research Farm.

Different varieties of tobacco crops are tested in the field.
Tobacco varieties are being developed for PMP production. High yield, regrowth potential, and the ability to differentiate from traditional tobacco (identity preservation) are all components of KTRDC breeding work.

KTRDC greenhouse pictured.
KTRDC is building a new greenhouse to produce novel materials in genetically engineered plants.

Seeding is done through watering systems.

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