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Researchers who are interested in conducting research relevant to the KTRDC mission, and who reside in Kentucky, are encouraged to apply for KTRDC research support. All relevant proposals are evaluated by a peer-review system, often involving reviewers external to the University of Kentucky. KTRDC provides grant funding through three distinct mechanisms:

KTRDC competitive grants
These grants are provided in phase with the July 1 - June 30 fiscal year, and may be requested for 1- or 2-year duration. The proposal guidelines are usually available in late Fall, with proposals due in January or February. Applicable research topics include (but not limited to) investigation of plant metabolism, genomics, or gene expression relevant to the development of new applications for plants such as tobacco. The research may focus on strategies leading to potential new products, or on enhancement of the plant’s characteristics as a production system or ‘vehicle.’ Further details may be obtained by contacting KTRDC and requesting a copy of the proposal guidelines.

KTRDC special grants
Periodically KTRDC will announce a specific call-for-proposals on a defined research topic or field which is particularly mission-critical and urgent. For example, KTRDC has funded a program dedicated to the blue-mold disease of tobacco as a means of discovering new strategies for disease resistance for further development.

KTRDC pilot projects
Funds to initiate pilot research projects having relevance to the Center’s mission are available occasionally. KTRDC welcomes applications at any time. Pilot-project grants are especially suitable for obtaining preliminary data which will form the basis of more comprehensive grant applications to KTRDC or to federal granting agencies. They are also ideal for exploring ideas for new inventions and technologies on a fast track. Pilot support is occasionally available. To inquire about pilot-project funding, please contact the KTRDC director for initial discussion of the proposed research.

Orlando Chambers or Judi Burgess may be contacted by email or phone (859) 257-5798 to receive information regarding grants programs.



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