College of Agriculture

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Forestry

Kentucky Division of Forestry


Spring Freeze, Summer Drought and Our Woodlands Future
by Jeff Stringer

Easter Freeze Effects on Fruit and Nut Crops

by John Stran

Tree Vigor

by Jeff Stringer

The Good, the Bad and the Firewise

by Gwen Holt and Diana Olszowy

Carbon Credits Yield New Opportunities for Woodland Owners

by David Jackson

Local Forestry Organizations

by Billy Thomas


Forestry 101

Firewood and Fine Wines

by Douglas J. McLaren

Forestry Health
One of Kentucky's Least Wanted Weeds: Winter Creeper

by Joyce Bender

Non-Timber Forest Products

Agroforestry: Silvopasture

by Deborah Hill


Kentucky Woodland Owners Association

Kentucky Big Tree Program

by Diana Olszowy

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Volume 2 Issue 2
August 2007

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