College of Agriculture

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Forestry

Kentucky Division of Forestry


Dying Oaks
by Jeffery Stringer and Jody Thompson

Connecting You to Forestry

Celebrating the Kentuckiy Division of Forestry's Centennial: Timeline of Forestry in Kentucky

Center for Forest and Wood Certification:

Providing Certification Possiblitlies for Woodland Owners and From the Woods

by the Managing Partners for the Center for Foest and Wood Certification

Tornado Decimates Morgan Co. Tree Nursery

Kentucky Tree Farm Committee Newsletter


Forestry 101

Measuring Tree Diameter

by Billy Thomas


A Tribute to Pete McNeill

Forest Health
Storm Damaged Woodlands

by Jeff Stringer

Kentucky Champion Tree Program

by Diana Olszowy

Test Your Knowledge

Kentucky Woodland News To Use

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Kentucky Woodlands Magazine
Volume 7 Issue 1
August 2012

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