College of Agriculture

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Forestry

Kentucky Division of Forestry


Woodland Owners - Getting Paid Your Real Worth Through Ecosystem Services
by Jeff Stringer

Hardwood Plantation Establishment in Old Fescue-Filled Pastures

by Vernon "Tad" Norris

Kentucky's Uncommon Natural Heritage

by Thomas G. Barnes

Woodland Owners Short Course
Helping You Manage Your Woodlands

by Billy Thomas

Keeping Ponds Pretty (and Usable)

by Bob Durborow

Kentucky's State Forests

by Eric Gracey

Kentucky Master Loggers and Woodland Owners

by Jeff Stringer


Forestry 101

Basic Forestry for Woodland Owners

by Douglas J. McLaren

Forestry Health: Tree-of-heaven

by Jeff Stringer

Non-Timber Forest Products

Agroforestry: Forest Farming

by Deborah Hill


Kentucky Woodland Owners Association

Kentucky Big Tree Program

by Diana Olszowy

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Kentucky Woodlands Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 1
April 2007

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