College of Agriculture

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Forestry

Kentucky Division of Forestry


Kentucky's Woodland Owners and Logging Best Management Practices
by Dr. Jeff Stringer

Kentucky Master Woodland Stewards Program
by Billy Thomas


Decline of our Forests and Trees- Can Modern Genetics Provide a Solution?

by Ellen Crocker



Woodland Owners and the Northern Long-eared Bat
by Dr. Jeff Stringer



The Hidden and Imperiled Gems of Kentucky's RiversTree Farm

by Wendell R. Haag



Research in Brief: Effect of gap-based forest harvesting on thermal ecology of Eastern box turtles

by Mickey Agha, Benjamin Augustin, Steven J. Price



Certification Corner:
Part 3: Controlled Wood and Fiber Sources Wood
by Dr. Jeff Stringer



How Are Your Woodlands Changing?



Kentucky Tree Farm Committe Newsletter


Kentucky Champion Tree Program

by Diana Olszowy

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Volume 10 Issue 1
Summer/Fall 2015

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