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From the Editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine

Woodland owners definitely understand how challenging it is to maintain a healthy woodland. Numerous threats from invasive exotic insects, pathogens and plants as well as constant bombardment from Mother Nature’s fury seriously impact their ability to keep their woodlands resilient. One of the first things woodland owners need to do to combat this dilemma is to educate themselves on what are the threats.

This issue will focus on two threats, one current and one
waiting on the doorstep – Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and
Thousands Canker Disease (TCD). EAB unfortunately has
been thriving and has spread to 1/3 of the state with further infestation inevitable. TCD is an insect/disease combo that attacks black walnut and fortunately has not been found in Kentucky, but has been found in the eastern states of: TN, VA, NC, IN, PA, MD and OH. This article will help in identifying TCD symptoms and instruct on how to manage if TCD is found. Also included is an article on managing your property for recreational opportunities and our normal departments such as Kentucky News to Use, Champion Tree, Certification Corner and the Tree Farm Committee Newsletter.

Knowing what threats your woodlands are facing is the first step in maintaining a healthy woodland.

Jeff Stringer,
University of Kentucky
Department of Forestry

Diana Olszowy,
Kentucky Division of Forestry

Promoting stewardship and sustainable management of Kentucky's non-industrial private forests.

On behalf of the University of Kentucky’s Department of Forestry and the Kentucky Division of Forestry, the editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine commend you for the effort you put forth to manage our woodlands, and we hope that this magazine will help make your efforts more rewarding.

Jeff Stringer

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Diana Olszowy

Kentucky Division of Forestry

Billy Thomas

Associate Editor
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Renee' Williams
Assistant Editor
Advertising (print version) and Graphic Designer
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Magazine cover photos by Thomas Barnes.