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From the Editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine

Everyone seems to love bourbon these days, either to drink or talk about. Bourbon is made from water, grain, and wood. Bourbon without the wooden barrel, exclusively made of white oak, is just moonshine! Because of the increase in bourbon production there is also an increase in white oak use. Concerned industry, university, and other organizations formed the White Oak Initiative which is highlighted in this issue. The other articles in this issue address a variety of topics. They were selected to provide updates on continued forestry issues impacting landowners in Kentucky and new ones that are developing. There are two forest health articles, one concerning the Emerald Ash Borer as it continues to move across the state and an update on the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid infestation and program. We also have two good “how-to” articles in our Forestry 101 and Wildlife 101 departments outlining management planning critical to help you fully enjoy your woodlands. One topic that many are interested in, at some point or the other, is how to conduct a timber harvest. The article “Timber Harvesting Do’s and Don’ts” simplifies the answer to this question. The magazine also maintains avenues for partners to provide organizational information such as the Kentucky Tree Farm Committee and the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association. We hope you enjoy this issue, and like always we appreciate your feedback.

Jeff Stringer,
University of Kentucky
Department of Forestry

Pam Synder,
Kentucky Division of Forestry

Promoting stewardship and sustainable management of Kentucky's non-industrial private forests.

On behalf of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Division of Forestry, the editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine commend you for the effort you put forth to manage our woodlands, and we hope that this magazine will help make your efforts more rewarding.

Jeff Stringer

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Pam Snyder

Kentucky Division of Forestry

Billy Thomas

Associate Editor
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Renee' Williams
Assistant Editor
Advertising (print version) and Graphic Designer
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

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