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From the Editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine

This issue is the last with Diana Olszowy as co-editor. Diana and I started this magazine 10 years ago and she has been unwavering in her support and work for the magazine. Diana has worked diligently to secure funding through the Kentucky Division of Forestry to support the printing of at least two issues of the magazine a year so that you get it for free. As a subscriber she is your best friend. As her co-editor I will obviously miss her engagement and wish her the best of luck in her retirement.

The last issue had several readers comment about the Research in Brief article on box turtles. A concern was voiced over why UK was doing such esoteric research and why focus on it in the magazine. Good questions that have a good answer. One reason that helps address both questions is that the box turtle has been listed as a state endangered species in Indiana. There are concerns about the population in the region and the research was to provide information on how timber harvesting can impact, in some cases positively, habitat for the turtle. It is this type of focus that allows us to stay ahead of the curve on topics that will be important to woodland owners in Kentucky. The Research in Brief department gives you an insight to emerging issues and what we know about them.

This issue also provides several articles letting you know what is coming. For example, this issue contains information on changes in Kentucky’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) for timber harvesting that will take effect in 2017. We also have some timely information on issues that are bubbling in Kentucky for example timber theft and trespass. Also take special notice of the News to Use section announcing a number of important changes to the Kentucky Division of Forestry and UK Forestry Extension.

Jeff Stringer,
University of Kentucky
Department of Forestry

Diana Olszowy,
Kentucky Division of Forestry

Promoting stewardship and sustainable management of Kentucky's non-industrial private forests.

On behalf of the University of Kentucky’s Department of Forestry and the Kentucky Division of Forestry, the editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine commend you for the effort you put forth to manage our woodlands, and we hope that this magazine will help make your efforts more rewarding.

Jeff Stringer

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Diana Olszowy

Kentucky Division of Forestry

Billy Thomas

Associate Editor
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Renee' Williams
Assistant Editor
Advertising (print version) and Graphic Designer
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Magazine cover photos by Dr. Thomas Barnes.